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Burned by a MacBook


Customer Service people

I think you need some lessons in Mau Mauing. Check out Tom Wolfe's book. I have found it very useful, use it frequently when needed, and have excellent results when dealing with recalcitrant companies, including a new car after using one for 18 months. Not a bad result.

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate


Download cap

Ah - I've found the reference on Virgin thanks to Google. Certainly not been told by Virgin.

How hum.

I tend to agree with the comments above about service hopefully improving now that this MAY weed out the rubbish they have to deal with. Although I do hope that they will invest in UK call handlers. Another 45 minutes of "we do not support third party routers" from Bangalore will push me over the edge! Finally proved it WAS their problem. I have asked for a written commitment that they will refund call charges when it is shown to be their fault, although I don't know how we prove that.



Evening Download Cap

What's this about a 3GB evening download cap? I've had an email from Virgin about the charges for tech support, but not seen anything on this.


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