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We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP


Re: What is the matter with the American Legal System????!!!!

Easy to answer your rhetorical question. Like all Western governments the legal systems have been co-opted by corporate interests. I live next door to the USA and what they do affects me and mine. Remember Magna Carta? The real reason for it was to remove the money grabbing power from the king and let the barons do it instead. The Americans copied that charter and even have a solid gold replica somewhere in Washington DC. Magna Carta did nothing for me or my family for generations, except of course to allow us to be robbed by the rich. No Robin Hoods, so sorry; we are all on our own. The law is an ass, corporate privilege is a crime as is political privilege and Aristocratic privilege. As for the rest of us worms the answer is simple.


Of course that won't happen either since we are apparently all in competition with each other to see who gets the best and latest goodie, which goodies by the way are mostly integrally defective.


Re: And americans wonder...

Charles Dickens (An English writer of satire and also of some note) after his visit to the United States of America remarked (in writing) that he saw all Americans as carpetbaggers. If you don't know what a carpetbagger is then you should review the word and the history surrounding it, it explains all there is to know about Americans of the United States of America.

The Americans should be referred to as USAIANS, not just Americans, everyone that lives in North America is an American but everyone is not an "American" please say what you mean and don't include the many other countries that are Americans in with USAIANS.

Thank you for your considerations in this matter.

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Appel you say!

It's so dumb - who cares beside Appel. Why would anyone go to so much trouble? Stuff (any stuff) sells because it is desirable not because the store is cute, white or trademarked. Appel is in trouble because like Microsuft they have lost their real reason to be !

As for the American (USA) Patent and Trademark office I truly believe they are completely co-opted by big biz and I would be more interested and concerned about an in depth write up on that. This one puny example serves no-one and just grist for the stupid mill; and I guess I just fell in too.

Buying a petabyte of storage for YOURSELF? First, you'll need a fridge


Re: You forgot the freetard community....

So you have a problem with people collecting - however they do it?

And I guess from your Linux slur you have a problem with that too.

You seem to have a lot of problems that have nothing to do with you.

AWS puts sysadmins on call everywhere, all the time


24/7 celphone not good enough.

As a dedicated employee and manager of all IT and Security services I don't want anything in my pocket, could care less about 0.01 spikes in use over and above anything, the cloud isn't making my life better it is making it a pain in the pocket-book . . .

Windows 8: Not even Microsoft thinks businesses will use it


Smacking Microsoft and Apple

My two cents worth.

I use Windows and consequently am obligated to buy products made for Windows. Whether those products are made by Windows or third party is not relevant. However, being forced by new Windows O/S to only download (and pay for) applications from Microsoft is just pure business blackmail. Which is something Microsoft is good at. Some Windows products are quite good, their products for business are sometimes exceptional. I will not use their new products/OS. Currently my personal computers an older XP Laptop and a newer Win 7 Laptop are no longer allowed to go onto the Internet, because of Microsoft policies and their grip on your inability to stop them from downloading whatever they want (not what I want) to my machines. In the corporate environment I work in there is a little more control; but only a little. But in my personal world I refuse to be told how to compute and what software I will use. Consequently my Mini Mac and MacBook are now also forbidden to use the internet just because there is little difference between the two corporations. I don't care about touch pads and I don't care to watch jerky movies on my computers. I do not want to buy reams of ram just to write some email.

I use a Linux box for all my internet activity because I can control everything on it, myself. I don't use Debian because they are just imitating Microsoft and Apple and they also install upgrades on your machine willy nilly.

The last thing I want is a GUI that sucks up all my resources, records everything I do (This is supposed to be an asset but is in fact a liability) so that whomever breaches my machine can poke around and collect information about me and my habits, just as Microsoft and Apple do. In fact before you can use software or O/S from either of those companies you waive your rights and give them permission ti invade your computer domain at will.

It is not that ALL their stuff is Rubbish, it is that all their stuff is geared to forcing you to buy more of their stuff. I know the analogy to "If they made Cars like they made computers, everyone would ride bicycles" because of abrupt shutdowns and halted systems demanding, demanding I say; that you upgrade.

Tablets are here to stay no doubt. If you are a serious computer user, using the computer to do what YOU WANT to do then there is only one choice - basic Linux. When I prepare software for deployment in manufacturing operations that require the computer to connect and communicate with PIC controllers or any other one of a thousand electronic devices I do not want or need some corporate computer manufacturer demanding payment for a "seat" license for each pic that connects. So although I still use and like the Windows and Mac machines I own they operate in a closed environment. My Slackware (go ahead , laugh) box is the only box allowed to do REAL work.

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