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DARPA's video search push gets another $11m


Share Slow Motion Sports VIDEO - Instantaneously

I've been doing digital video for almost 8 years now and can randomly search and display any portion of MPEG videos. Having complete control of your video makes it usefull. Nobody has better control of video than this.

Here's what the software does with GOLF video - It works equally well for Football and other action sports.

The initial plan was to shoot video of each golfer from behind and across; then play these short (4 to 6 secs) videos in SLO-MO and NORMAL speed before the awards luncheon started.

This was ACCOMPLISHED and the 180+ videos (90+ participants and 2 CamCorders) were playing on a large screen within 10 minutes of leaving the course. The only PROBLEMS were: that a few golf swings took far more time than others (10 to 15 secs) and when played back in slow motion; the audience would lose interest. As well; in attempting to capture just the "golf swing" we missed some completely.

The SOLUTION was a program fix that allowed for only the FINAL 3 secs of the videos (the swing) to be played in slow motion. With this change; we can start recording when the golfer addressed the ball and shut it off on completion of the swing. No more missed swings or bored viewers.

Now they see each video clip followed by the final 3 seconds in Slo-Mo, as a screen saver.

One FINAL problem: After the meal there was a silent auction. Golfers wanted to see their swing (2 clips out of nearly 200). Again the solution came from the record on/off button. To achieve this and not lose any time by having to manually edit the text in the catalog file. An extremely short video clip (less than 2 Secs.) is created as each group comes to the Tee; of a white-board containing the golfer names and flight#. The software identifies these mini files and creates break points in the catalog file. The golfer tells us which group they were in, from the tournament sheet and we play that foursome's videos based on the Break Points (eg the 12th group we videoed). Upon viewing those videos we determine the golfers sequence # and select it (ie "Grp#12" "Seq#3"). So their videos from camcorder #1 then camcorder #2 play over and over again. The combination of these enhancements enables synchronizing video from 2 or more camcorders. What a BONUS.

The 180+ videos fit on 2 GigaByte USB sticks. These sticks are quickly loaded with the videos & software before the golfers leave. They just LOVED the immediacy.


SEE the above link; for video clips from those 2 tournaments. 20 of the 360+ videos are being switched out daily.

This method is extremely easy; because NO EDITING is required. Off-load the MPEG video from the 2 camcorders (5 to 10 mins). Catalog the video to play normal speed and Slo-mo (mere seconds). Then start the replay. VERY timely. All golfers from the rank amateur to the seasoned pro; want to see golf swings in Slo-Mo. Having hundreds of dual-speed golf swings playing randomly by foursome on the clubhouse screen is far more interesting to the patrons.

This changes the way we view video forever.


Microsoft 'tweaks Vista' for Google desktop search goodness


Desktop Search is Big

They should fight. Desktop search will be the most used application on

computers. - Finding and playing your Videos Music Pictures and Text.

Neither is "The Best" in the Desktop Search category.



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