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Facebook tears wraps off its own app store


I don't want to offend anyone and this might not be the time or the place, but I never got Facebook. Oh I understand the concept. Everyone is in touch all the time, you know what your friends are talking, thinking and doing at any given moment , kinda like being back in school. Now comes the new app. you know what your friends are buying so you don't end up buying something that is not of quality or something that might not be in fashion. True this is the new trend, a marketing strategy designed to promote some type of sales, and generate dollars for Facebook which is after all a business, or trying to be, but do we really need to know what our friends say, do and buy every minute of the day. Are we so insecure in our disconnected mobile world.

I have pondered long as to why I have not embraced the new social interactive technologies. I thought well I finally hit the wall, maybe 60 something is just too old to get it, but I understand what this technology offers and does, ultimately I realized that this is what stops me from using it, for myself anyway and I am guessing many others.

This is what I discovered about myself. When I read this article I thought here goes another stab at how this IPO was mishandled and now it is all going to be better because of the new APP! Then I realized, that maybe this is the only perceived way in today's world in which we feel safe in communicating with one another. I mean if I know the likes and dislikes of all my friends and acquaintances I have no fear of insulting them or going against the flow, I am safe, I don't have to make a sound argument for what I say or believe, this worried me, a lot. I don't know about you, but I was brought up to go against the flow or the idea of not making waves but to challenge the statuesque. My family believed in operating outside the box, and I might add quite successfully. These were people who endured the great depression and both my father-in law and my father fought in WWII as a bomber pilot and plane mechanic. Both extremely independent and creative people. They both knew who they were and where they were going. THEY HAD A SENSE OF SELF. They reveled in making there own way unhindered by popular beliefs and trends. They were in a word, TRULY ADVENTUROUS, SELF AWARE, INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE. I fear this is what what we are losing as a people, without which are we doomed to a life ruled not by our individuality and strength of conviction but by the general consensus. I hope we all become Explorers.

By the way I think Mark is still a little wet behind the ears. It takes more than a little emotion and slick advertising to convenience the world in the end that you have the greatest mouse trap ever invented.



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