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BlackBerry's turnaround stalls

Peter Lovatt

I am a long time BB user.

I had a Classic, it was horrendous, went back to a Bold. My wife has a Priv and hates it......

They just lost the plot......

'Brit Bill Gates' was powerless to stop HP's Autonomy acquisition

Peter Lovatt

Re: Here's a thing...

This might answer the question :)


MPs pile pressure on ISPs over Phorm

Peter Lovatt

Virgin are weakening - keep up the pressure



We are currently at the early stages of working to deliver the Webwise solution and will be writing to you nearer the time to advise when the solution will be ‘switched on’ providing more detail of what this will mean to you. Given the benefits of Webwise, we’re pleased to be offering you this service and making your web experience safer and more relevant.


customer service have gone from quoting the above to

"Ultimately customers will not be forced to use the system and will be able to keep their Internet experience just as it is now should they wish.

To reiterate, no solution has yet been implemented and will not be until we are confident that it is compliant to do so, in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.



Helen At*****

E-Contact Team

29th March

(She will know who she is, I respect her right to privacy, wonder if they will do the same for me)

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

Peter Lovatt

Hit back

Why not search out investor forums and highlight the bad press and the prospect of future lawsuits.

Add this to emails letting your ISP know you will close your account if they do implement Phorm.

They have two masters - customers and shareholders. Hit both of them


DrinkorDie warez leader jailed for 51 months

Peter Lovatt

Missing the point

Its true that it is copyright infringement, not theft, but the company who wrote the software still had to pay all its bills, and relies on buyers to fund that.

If you think doing something immoral is ok, so long as you screw a large entity, then you have strange values.

If he wanted to make software available to the masses he should have written open source software.

If you want to use software without paying use open source. If you want to use commercial software have the honesty to pay properly.

I am not sure about the methods, sentence or the way he was bought to justice, but dont pretend he was a good guy, or harmless. He wasnt.

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