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Report: EMC walks away with dedupe appliance market


Dedupe storage is not Backup. It is just expensive storage and extra bandwidth requirements.

The current definition of a purpose built backup appliance is obsolete. Obsolete.

The Data Domain model is being disrupted faster than most realize. Sending massive volumes of data over the network to be deduped by smart storage is 1990's era tech. Steve Foskett covered an angle on this not too long ago here. http://bit.ly/LETxEH

Some would argue that dedupe storage shouldn't be called an appliance at all as it needs to connect and work with backup technology like Avamar or Symantec NetBackup. For EMC to claim they have a real "Integrated Backup Appliance" they would need to tie together Avamar, DataDomain and probably some Networker. Even if they delivered that tomorrow, they would be well behind the state of the art and a couple hundred million behind on market share in that category.

The future of backup appliances is in integrated backup appliances or Unified Data Protection Appliances. These appliances integrate backup, media servers, source, media and target dedupe capabilities and in some cases security, HA and integrated encryption into an appliance or set of appliances.

Symantec and some smaller startups are making fast inroads here. (http://bit.ly/N9QtMJ)

o In the last 12 months Symantec has seen 250 percent growth in new appliance customers and 450 percent growth in the number of units shipped.

o Symantec appliance customers are coming back for more, with sales figures showing 40 percent of purchases from repeat customers.

· Even though the Symantec 5220 was introduced less than a year ago, it has won 3 awards in the last 8 months including the recent best of Microsoft Tech Ed.

· With just over 1 year in the appliance business Symantec has grown to have 3.5% of the IDC PBBA market – ahead of Quantum, Sepaton, Exagrid and other vendors with years of products in market

· IDC has split the PBBA market differentiating between target dedupe/VTLs and unified backup appliances like NetBackup / BE – this is not yet in the PBBA report, but is in other documents IDC makes available.

I sure skeptics will say, must be the law of small numbers. But, consider it this way, what enterprise tech company has ever taken a product tine from $0 to $200m in 18 months? I can't think of one.

EMC will not continue to enjoy almost no competition in the space. Frankly, it is the other way around. For those who want an integrated backup appliance and not just dedupe storage EMC is not an option. The onus is on the IT admin to put it all together into a single solution and that's the old model. If you are tired of being the glue between Avamar, Data Domain, Networker or NetBackup, integrated backup appliances are the way to go.

"For what EMC wanted to charge, I realized that I could get a bigger, better, faster, newer solution for less money by going with Symantec NetBackup appliances," http://bit.ly/MEUREZ

As for the replication discussion- Global management, policy and granular recovery of snapshots is the difference between data protection and simply having a lot of copies.

Note: this growth is happening in a segment not covered by backup software or purpose built backup appliance market coverage. http://bit.ly/N9QtMJ


@seanjregan (I work for the fastest growing vendor in the Unified Data Protection Appliance market)


Symantec Backup Exec 2012 problems


New UI

Couple of relevant items to this discussion here:

Trolling a break fix support forum tends to result in a break fix perspective. Here are a few other bits of news that are relevant to the discussion.

BE 2012 SP1 is available here https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/blogs/announcing-backup-exec-2012-sp1-available-now

MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice award voted on by the readers http://bit.ly/KcLz3p

PC Pro predicts the new interface will “simplify and streamline the entire backup process.”


CRN touts the new UI as “worlds away from its predecessor in ease of use.” http://www.crn.com/news/data-center/232600222/symantec-backup-exec-2012-is-all-about-the-cloud.htm

Gartner has also commented on the positive feedback about the UI in a forthcoming publication.




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