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Remembering the browser wars with Netscape's ex-CEO

Nathan Cable
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I just wanted to drop a line (and probably risk being flamed by the looks of it) saying that I really enjoyed that interview. The Netscape saga was wrapping up just as I started to get involved in the tech sector. It was illuminating, to say the least, to hear Barksdale's perspective.


Yahoo!'s pink liberation army a threat to America's youth

Nathan Cable

Is this the type of America we want to live in?

> I ask you, though, is this the type of America we want to live in?

> Do we want the most popular destination on the web shoving limp

> wristed Christians who pay Spaniards for favors down our throats?

> Do we want toned, well-maned reporters tossing their soft balls at

> self made porn stars?

Couldn't be any worse than listening to blowhards talk about how anyone who is different than them deserves to be exiled to the backwaters of culture for all eternity...



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