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Microsoft doc formats are the bane of office suites on Linux, SoftMaker's Office 2021 beta may have a solution

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But moving on, we've had several clients where we've tried to help them save money by using LibreOffice. The best I can say is that some of them 'put up with it'. Every single end user has complained about documents either not formatting correctly, or when they send them to MS Office-using recipients, that they can't open documents properly (if at all). Our clients have tried, and are happy to pay a sub to Microsoft rather than struggle with the likes of LibreOffice.

Unfortunately that pretty much describes my experience with directing folks to the free-office route. First is the learning curve since most were schooled on MS Office when they were introduced to personal computers. The largest obstacle is always the interchanging of documents with MS Office users. Eventually they end up paying the Redmond tax

NUC NUC. Who's there? It's Intel, with a pint-sized 8-core Xeon workstation

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Unfortunately Kodi doesn't support DLNA particularly well.

Works fine here on Kodi 18.3 - I can watch videos and stream music from my DLNA server just as easily as from local storage. I can certainly agree with you on one thing - setting up Kodi is a PITA especially for DLNA, Netflix plugins etc. Takes a LOT of tinkering. I make frequent backups. Yes, the Kodi forums can be a free for all, I mostly search engine first before I hit their forums.

One of my TVs has DLNA and both of my Samsung Bluray boxes have it. The TV I have my HTPC connected to is dumb so the easiest way to add DLNA was an HTPC with Win 10.

I prefer Miracast because it mirrors the screen and there are no additional apps to install. People want to show me videos or pics they took on their Android phone when they came over before Covid-19. The easiest way to put it on the big screen was Miracast, no additional anything to install or new app for them to figure how to use/cast.

Joe Drunk

Yup - Have Kodi 18.3 on Win 10 and also had it on Lubuntu. Wouldn't be an HTPC without Kodi. I couldn't find Miracast support in Linux by searching the web - I was hoping some die-hard penguinistas knew something search engines didn't.

Joe Drunk

Awesome! Been looking to replace my HTPC with something very small form factor. I would also like to ditch Windows 10 because it is a hog - the only reason it exists on my HTPC is because of the built-in DLNA/Miracast support (must have features for me). Are there any Linux distros that support both of these?

Now we know what the P really stands for in PwC: X-rated ads plastered over derelict corner of accountants' website

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El Reg most likely don't serve the ads themselves but, as is the case with practically every website that serves ads, relies on a third party and therefore have little to no control over what ads are shown on this site.

As I block all content I deem of no use to me I never saw the £89 iPhones or any other exciting offers from anywhere else on the internet.

Quibi, JetBlue, Wish, others accused of leaking millions of email addresses to ad orgs via HTTP referer headers

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I feel so guilty for blocking all ads


Wakey-wakey! A quarter of IT pros only get 3-4 hours' kip – and you won't believe what's being touted as the 'solution'

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Re: I had a good long sleep last night

That happened to me as well in my Data Center days. A torrent of emails was fired to all related management, team members, stakeholders etc. to ensure his incompetence was brought front and center. The goal was to get him fired but he ended up being transferred to a different location and I never heard from him again so almost as good. I have gotten a few others lower managers fired for their posturing at different gigs over the years. No remorse. Working in IT is already hell and anyone who attempts to fan the flames for their own personal benefit will have a target painted on their backs.

FTP is crusty and mostly dead, right? AWS just started supporting it anyway

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Re: Update it not kill it

I have done SFTP (FTPS' cousin) from my desktop PC home internet to my Phone's 4G connection so I am more than familiar with port forwarding/NAT. My original point was for FTP/FTPS 2.0 which doesn't require static NAT/port forwarding and plays nicely with firewalls. I like FTP's simplicity of setup - username/password, directories, rwdx access. When servicing computers for friends and family it's FTP or removable media for transferring data from my laptop to theirs. I don't have to install anything on their computers the server/client both run from a flash drive I have with all kinds of portable apps

Joe Drunk

Update it not kill it

Would be nice if FTP would be updated to support modern enterprise file transfer requirements yet still easy enough to setup on any TCP/IP enabled device. I use FTP across my LAN to transfer files between all my Linux, Android and Windows devices. A breeze to setup and I can turn the servers off an on easily.

Vivaldi browser to perform a symphony of ad and tracker blocking with version 3.0

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Re: Clear Data on Exit?

I have yet to find an Android Chromium-based browser that clears browsing data on exit - they all require manually clearly from privacy options or incognito mode. The closest I could find was a chrome flag #clear-older-browsing-data which will clear all browsing data older than 30 days.

Anyway if any of you Regtards are really interested in a good Chromium browser on Android with good ad blocking I suggest giving Bromite a test drive. I've compared it with Brave and Kiwi and found it to block practically every ad even in Youtube videos. Maybe that's why it's not available in Google Play store.


Animal crossing? Nah! Farmyard frolics, courtesy of Novell and pals

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I too was the class genius in my freshman year of uni. There was an intro to computers class (I don't remember the exact title) that was a requirement for all students regardless of major. The class taught basic MS-DOS 4, Word processing (Wordperfect 5.1), Spreadsheet (Lotus 123 v2) and other basics. None of the PCs were networked. Most in my class were non-Comp Sci majors so were clueless but I tutored as many as I could so they could get a passing grade.

Beer icon because I got invited to a lot of frat parties as thanks!

Firefox to burn FTP out of its browser, starting slowly in version 77 due in April

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"FTP is an insecure protocol..."


What's inside a tech freelancer's backpack? That's right, EVERYTHING

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Re: "my backpack can weigh between 8 and 14kg"

Not sure why Dr_N got downvoted - I wholeheartedly agree. There's no reason why you should have to lug around 14kg worth of equipment and supplies while your colleagues packs only weigh 3kg. Mayhaps it's because they know you are the mule that supplies the whole team so they don't need to burden themselves. This happened to me at first, then I got tired of having to walk around having to ask for everything back, someone I loaned my laptop charger left early and won't be back in the office till next week, resulting in my having to buy another charger.


My pack weighs in at 5kg. Tops. We all make a decent salary. If you need something there are plenty of office supply shops. "Can I borrow your-" "No. I don't loan things out" Eventually they will get the message and they will stop asking you. They will either A) Learn to come prepared with the supplies they need to do their work or more likely B) Find someone else to grub from.

Your back will thank you as will your sanity since you no longer have to track who you loaned out what to.

Have an upvote. Serial leechers can sod off.

Sadly, the web has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'nothing is true; everything is permitted'

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Nothing has changed other than your (mis)perception of the world we live in

Scams have been around long before the internet - they are merely now more prolific. A certain degree of cynicism and common sense are required to prevent yourself from being victimized. All scammers are sociopaths and look for any weakness they can exploit such as the feeling of guilt the author mentioned.

I can honestly say I wouldn't have any such feelings for someone whom not only have I never met but contacts me out of the blue to ask for money. What am I, a bank? You have no other relatives or close friends (big red flag) that can help you? Yes I can help you, but I'm not going to. The internet is a big place full of bleeding hearts, you'll find someone else to scam, move along.

Same for someone phoning me who I haven't seen in 20 years asking me for money. So in all that time you never thought to get in touch other than now to ask me for money? Clearly we're NOT friends therefore the answer is no.

This world is not for those fond of rose-colored glasses. The proper term is enhanced awareness, not paranoia.

Vodafone: Yes, we slurp data on customers' network setups, but we do it for their own good

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Not surprised, probably all ISPs do this, even in the US if you use their router

As other commenters have noted the solution is to use your own router. My previous ISP provided a combo modem- WIFI router they managed. I connected my router to theirs, thus making my LAN invisible to them.

I personally know more people using their ISP supplied router than one they purchased. Most people aren't boffins and are clueless as to how a router or any of their internet do-hickeys work. They will call their ISP for any problem with their LAN (Ipad can't connect, wireless printer won't print, etc.). I can see how the ISP gathering information on their LAN would be useful in troubleshooting.

Sound off - how many people do you personally know that have purchased their own router versus those using the one provided by their ISP? For me about 80% fall in the latter category.

It's a Bing thing: Microsoft drops plans to shove unloved search engine down throats of unsuspecting enterprises

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Still on Office 2010

And haven't seen any compelling reason to "upgrade". I am still able to open Word documents and Excel spreadsheets chock full of crazy macros created with Office 2013/2019 sent to me. What am I missing?

Yahoo! hack! payout! nearly! approved! and! the! question! is! how! to! spend! 60! cents!?

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My Yahoo account still works although seldom used. Too bad I don't have credit monitoring, I really could have used that 60 cents to buy a packet of crisps to go with my pint.

Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy... and why we all shouldn't get too much of it

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There's only one entity that knows what's best for me. Me, Myself, and I Inc. As a corporation, all initiatives are implemented in a "What's best for my corporation" paradigm. Ads, trackers and other content I deem of no benefit to MMI [Me, Myself, and I Inc.] are filtered or removed. Once your traffic enters my LAN it is entirely under MMI's jurisdiction and the only terms that apply are MMI's which clearly state it will be filtered in accordance with MMI's best practices.

If your website should fail and fallover due to my content filtering MMI will remain indifferent and attribute it to a failure of your business model. News will still happen, it will merely be disseminated by another source.

I block all content I deem non-beneficial. It's just my corporate policy.

The Foot of Cupid emits final burst of flatulence in honour of fallen Python Terry Jones

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R.I.P., Nudge Nudge

Raise several pints to you today and your fellow Pythonites for introducing this left-pondian to British comedy at a very young age.

Looking for a great value broadband deal? War-torn Syria will do you proud

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You get what you pay for

As a left-pondian it's true that I do pay $60/month for 100Mb/s internet. I've never had any issues, I get a constant speed peak/off peak and have had only one outage in 5 years. Unfortunately if I move I will be stuck with whatever provider is servicing the area and from what I've heard other providers (one affectionately known as ComCrap) doesn't provide as good service. If I want good internet I'm stuck here.

WebAssembly: Key to a high-performance web, or ideal for malware? Reg speaks to co-designer Andreas Rossberg

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WaSm = Unblockable auto-play video ads

See title

Privacy activists beg Google to ban un-removable bloatware from Android

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Re: "most commonly found on cheap handsets"

True that Samsungs come with their own bloatware that your average user can't remove/disable. I have had no problems rooting all my Samsung handsets and have removed the excess baggage. Pretty much the main reason I still buy Samsung as other manufacturers make it difficult/impossible to root their android phones.

P.S. I have also tried many custom roms as a result - there was always some issues/quirks that would inevitably lead me to revert back to the stock rom.

Firefox 72: Floating videos, blocking fingerprints, and defeating notification pop-ups

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Re: Brave is also good

Brave is Chromium based.

Joe Drunk

Re: I hate that Firefox is the least terrible option

The Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension works for me on every site where the block autoplay setting and "media.autoplay.enabled" tweak failed

What if everyone just said 'Nah' to tracking?

Joe Drunk

Long time Ghostery user here.

Fun fact: If you disable javascript and run the browser fingerprinting test on EFF's website all browser fingerprinting fails except for user agent. I wish I could keep javascript disabled for every website.

Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Study shows some bosses like job applicants... up until they see dates of birth

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One thing that seems to be missed is that post 50, you really can't work 80 hour weeks any more and the hunger for career advancement is waning.

That pretty much sums up why I left the IT field. The last gig I had was IT Project Management in finance sector. Every job offer I had required me to make my cubicle my primary residence. That was the worst part - knowing that when you jumped ship (which I've done many times over the years) nothing was going to change other than the name of the company on your paycheck. I missed out on so much in life because my job became my life. I was pretty burned out. I don't miss it or the cancerous corporate culture in the least.

Xerox woos HP stock owners with talk of layoffs, selloffs and cash payouts post merger

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"run-rate cost synergies" "resource action"

The accountants show lots of creativity with management-speak euphemisms. Too bad they can't get creative enough for long-term profitability planning.

A spot of after-hours business email does you good, apparently

Joe Drunk

I feel for you

I really do. I used to feel compelled to constantly check/respond to emails off-hours. I thought it would give me job security. All it gave me was insomnia/weakened immune system. I also work for a large multi-national corporate meat grinder. The stress level is extremely high, there's always a fire that needs putting out.

My physical and mental health are far more important to me than whatever artificial goals are placed on my department by some bonus-oriented PHB.

Luckily my role is more sale related so no 24/7 on-call. Work phone gets shut off after hours because It doesn't matter what I type in any email when I'm not at the office, it will not change the fact that when I come in next business day it will always be EMERGENCY! URGENT!.

Kiss my ASCII, Microsoft – we've got one million fewer daily active users than you, boasts Slack

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Re: Feel old

The point is to increase productivity by making sure you are always available for communication.

Everywhere I've worked they've used one form or another of instant messaging (Jabber, Sametime, et al).

I despise IM at work and keep the client logged off despite admonishments from management.

I already do enough multi-tasking. Phone cradled on shoulder while typing an email while updating a spreadsheet while updating a resource schedule while posting project statuses while replying to texts on my work cell-phone. The constant barrage of interruptions from IM brings this juggling act crashing to the ground.

I just play dumb when some tech guy comes around and logs in my IM client which mysteriously logs off for some reason.

IM clients at work are NOT productive, they are disruptive.

Game over: Atari VCS architect quits project, claims he hasn’t been paid for six months

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I like retro computing - that's why I have lots of emulators for those machines of yesteryear. I also owned an Atari 2600 VCS in my yoof. My memories of that machine were that all arcade conversions left a LOT to the imagination. When newer better consoles (Coleco vision) came out the 2600 became landfill. So no, I wouldn't buy a 2600 re-make. I had one because it was the best at the time until I got my Commodore 64.

Bug fixes abound in Microsoft's freshly Cascadia fonted Windows Terminal

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Re: I would rather

In my experience yes, Windows 10 1903 is very stable. Providing you:

1) Disable auto-updates.

2) Disable IPV6

3) Disable telemetry

4) Don't run too many apps at once.

5) Occasionally kill Windows Store process because it like to hog 50% CPU in the background for no apparent reason (I have actually disabled it completely and only re-enable it when I need to download something from the store, killing it immediately after).

Nice work if you can grift it: Two blokes accused of swindling $10m from the elderly with bogus virus infection alerts

Joe Drunk

Fortunately not only are my elderly parents' computers Pi-holed but also trained to know that if any such pop-up appears or random caller claiming that their PC is infected they can safely disregard/hang up the phone. I am always reminding them of these types of scams and constantly e-mail them articles such as this one to keep them vigilant.

It will never be safe to turn off your computer: Prankster harnesses the power of Windows 95 to torment fellow students

Joe Drunk

Re: sad mac

My alltime favorite remains putting a screenshot of the desktop as background and hiding (all/most of) the icons

Not nearly as fun as:

1) Taking screenshot of current desktop wallpaper with all icons

2) Hiding desktop icons

3) Setting desktop background to screenshot taken with icons

4) Watch users frantically clicking on images of icons

It's Friday lunchtime on International Beer Day. Bitter hop to it, boss'll be none the weiser

Joe Drunk

Like I would ever need an excuse for a liquid lunch on a Friday

As a left-pondian I will honor IBD by indulging in one of my all-time favs since my uni days - Bass Ale!

Devs slam Microsoft for injecting tech-support scam ads into their Windows Store apps

Joe Drunk

Websites>We rely on ad revenue to keep this site going.

Me> My Granny got scammed when visiting your website by an ad that claimed her PC was infected and paid $500 for a dubious service she didn't need nor ill afford on her fixed income!

Websites>Shrug then grimace.

Me>Activate ad blockers/content blockers on all PCs I am responsible for.

Websites>We rely on ad revenue to keep this site going. Please disable your ad blocker.

Me>Shrug then grimace.

It is but 'LTE with new shoes': Industry bod points a judgy finger at the US and Korea's 5G fakery

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Re: Sony, Betamax, and content over tech ..

I've also read that another contributing factor was Sony's refusal to release any pr0n on Betamax - it was all VHS in the back room of the video rental stores.

Chrome ad, content blockers beg Google: Don't execute our code! Wait, no, do execute our code – just don't kill us!

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Re: Why bother?

Plenty of Chrome forks too. I switch between Mozilla/Chrome forks depending on my mood and extension need. I can't remember the last time I used a mainstream browser. They suck.

What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

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V.32Bis, HST, UART, WWIV, PCBoard, Procomm Plus, Telix, Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem, ARC, ARJ, .DIZ.

I was a hardcore BBS addict.

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign

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Nothing like having your work day extended a few more hours because 'The Cloud' is unavailable.

Local copies of productivity apps for me. 'We Apologise for the unavailability' is unacceptable.

Spammer scum hack 100,000 home routers via UPnP vulns to craft email-flinging botnet

Joe Drunk

Don't disable UPnP, at least not on the private side of the router - you need it for streaming audio etc, wireless speakers and so on.

UPnP is really nothing more than auto port-forwarding. All your gadgets that require outside access will still work by MANUALLY enabling port forwarding rules in your router. More work, more secure however since UPnP has long been a risk.

Easy enough for any long-time Reg reader. What am I supposed to do for friends/family? Everytime they buy a new IoT/download a new console game I have to do a service call and spend a few hours there. Have you ever tried to glean IP/PORT info for some IoT or console games?

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer

Joe Drunk

Allen also bought into sports: the Portland Trail Blazers NBL team, and the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.

That's NBA Trailblazers .

Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh-

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Re: Pinnacle of unprofessionalism

Back in the bad old days when I worked in a data center and often had to ship equipment to customers everything had labels attached on the front and back - Our assigned equipment ID and in large letters "Property of xxxxx - please call our 24/7 network operations xxx-xxx-xxxx before disconnecting, moving or any other issues with this equipment"

Sometimes I would have to visit client sites to troubleshoot connectivity with our equipment and was astounded at the cabinets with stacks of identical comm equipment, ours being the only ones clearly labeled.

Sneaky phone apps just about obey the law, still have no trouble guzzling your data, says Which?

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Nothing new, nothing will ever change

Been this way since the MS-DOS days of installing apps with pages-long EULAs, now carried over to modern day Ts&Cs. There's little point in reading any of them, they essentially can all be summarized in three lines:

We Win.

You Lose.

Fuck You.

That syncing feeling when you realise you may be telling Google more than you thought

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Plenty of Google Chrome alternatives

Vivaldi and Slimjet come to mind on Windows, Bromite, Brave and Kiwi on Android.

Faxploit: Retro hacking of fax machines can spread malware

Joe Drunk

Re: Why still a phone line on it??

Fax machines are ubiquitous because even the most technically illiterate punter knows how to use one. A single function fax machine's minimalist requirements (POTS line, mains line, paper, ink) means no boffin required for setup/maintenance. They are the def acto method for sending copies of documents for legal and medical as stated in the article so until that changes this dinosaur technology isn't going anywhere.

Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink

Joe Drunk

Not just IT

I've colleagues in the medical and legal fields and they too complain about the constant stress, long unpredictable hours and need to self-medicate.

I started in IT as a PFY fresh out of uni, almost 20 years later now am a greybeard. My observation is that the stress level increases with the size of the organization. I worked in a few small to medium 5000+ employee companies earlier in life and although there was stress it was manageable as were the workloads/expectations. Pub gatherings were mostly restricted to Friday evenings unless a birthday or other special event occurred. I would say the key factors were regular work hours with rare nights/weekends and absolutely NO on-call. The downside? Salary was on the low end of the scale.

I've surfed more Fortune 50 companies than I can count on both hands for more than a decade. They've all had the extreme stress levels requiring frequent self-medication due to employing the Culture of Fear ™ management methodology. I too have seen colleagues succumb to heart attacks, strokes, kidney/gall stones etc. It could have happened to me too but I learned to adapt and yes, play the game. You can all criticize me for my lack of work ethic but this is what corporate culture cultivates. You will be discarded as a withered, empty husk of a human being and subsequently replaced if you don't adapt.

In the end it is just a job, not worth dying over.

You wanna be an alpha... tester of The Register's redesign? Step this way

Joe Drunk

Mobile version comments still defaults to desktop view

on both new and classic el reg, Android 6 stock browser. Same thing when desktop Firefox user agent is set to Iphone 5.

Probing for IoT weaknesses?

Joe Drunk

Probing for IoT weaknesses?

I've noticed quite a few HEAD / HTTP/1.0 requests sent to my home internet. The requests vary in frequency and source/destination IP/Port range. I realize the request itself isn't a DOS attack since the information returned is minimal. It does however include what web server and version you are running, if any.

Since every IoT device has some sort of web server I believe that miscreants are using bots to send these requests and recording the responses. They probably have a database of known web server exploits and may likely follow up with an attempt to hack into whatever device they have an exploit for.

You may think I'm being paranoid but we all now how shite IoT security is.


IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row

Joe Drunk

Best of luck Jonathan Langley

I hope you hired a good legal team and you win because suing your employer is career suicide.

I'm a Gen X'er. Cynical. Jaded. Lowered Expectations. I started consulting at around the same time Langley started at IBM. I've also consulted for IBM 3 times. It was no worse than any other company I've contracted for, although my observation was there were far too many middle managers.

As a consultant it always surprises me when I hear of someone who has worked for the same employer for more than 7 years post 2000. I can't tell you how many long-term employees I've replaced over the years but a conservative guess would be 40 (many roles were consolidated). Publicly traded companies are motivated solely by profit and Human Capital are the most expendable items on the balance sheet.

I'm a career consultant. I want neither the false sense of job security nor the complacency a so-called permanent job produces. I've no patience for office politics and find performance reviews condescending. I don't do exit interviews.

Repeatedly seeing long term employees cleaning out their desks in tears over the years cements this mantra. My current employer constantly praises my performance. It goes in one ear and out the other because in the end it is meaningless.

Millenials: You better embrace transience. As corporations are bought, sold, merged, absorbed there's only one certainty in your career path: The company logo on your work ID will change every 5-7 years.

A fine vintage: Wine has run Microsoft Solitaire on Linux for 25 years

Joe Drunk

But it's that reliance on being connected to the net which is the Achilles heel - having a device which is fully functional but disconnected happens more often than these cloudy vendors seem to want to acknowledge.

Have an upvote. I can't tell you how many hours of productivity I've saved by being able to perform my job functions offline when the network was down/unavailable. It also means I get to go home at a normal time rather than stay late because I couldn't update a project status/staff schedule/equipment order etc. They're gonna have to pry my offline apps from my cold dead hands.



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