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Google: All your leaked passwords are belong to us – here's a Chrome extension to find them


Keep calm and struggle on

As long as I can last without catastrophe until we get some biometric/quantum/alienTechnology nukeproof solution I will be happy.

At least when it is Google that has a leakage I suspect that a wadge of cash the size of a large planet will be directed at the problem.

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square


Isn't it a toolbox for slurping data? ...you are the product yada yada

MPs' proposal to cash in on public-private algos given a solid 'maybe'


I am the mark

Okay? So we paid for the government to collect the data and now they sell it back to us. They have already tried to do this to some extent with the census. I know this because I bought some genealogy info and found out that my grandfather was a sea turtle called Max.

BOFH: Their bright orange plumage warns other species, 'Back off! I'm dangerous!'


It is NOT health AND safety

In this instance it is just SAFETY!!! Not Health AND safety. I happen to know that it is easy to spot people who have NO idea and no knowledge when they say H&S, and never stop to differentiate.

Apple's magical quality engineering strikes again: You may want to hold off that macOS High Sierra update...


Re: No issues here

Well as far as DAWs goes, Propellerhead's Reason is putting this out:

"It has come to our attention that Reason does not work properly under the latest macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 update. Currently, we do not recommend you to update your macOS High Sierra to 10.13.4 if you rely on using Reason, before we have fixed this.

We’re investigating this issue right now and while we currently don’t have a solution, we hope to get to the bottom of this.

If you have already updated to macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and are experiencing performance issues, try deactivating the “Use hyper-threading audio rendering” function in Preferences – the General tab. This might improve the performance in some cases."

Patch or ditch Adobe Flash: Exploit on sale, booby-trapped Office docs spotted in the wild


Jobbs wounded Flash, then Adobe drove the stake into it.

...but it still breathes under sedation in the critical care unit.

If I received a file with a SWF in it I would draw the conclusion that it had travelled through a time portal from the Noughties.

One of the reasons that it can still be imported into various popular packages is simply that there has been nothing to replace it. Nothing with the flexibility and sheer power. Yeah, the same power that made it very annoying too.

Try and get a complicated Canvas+JavaScript+ Movie+Sound into any document easily. Not going to happen. The encapsulation of Flash is a drug.

YouTube only stopped using it as default in 2015.

So the latest exploit is just another symptom of another part of its immune system breaking down. It keeps hanging on, but really someone should give it the last rights.

Then maybe we can get a suitable successor.

Three words: Synthetic gene circuit. Self-assembling bacteria build pressure sensor


Sorry your team died

The depressurisation was undetected because I forgot to feed my colony My bad..

Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham


I am not an expert unlike most of the posters here, but, like many politicians, I would robustly support the proposition where the interior is lined with solar cells, so that any bits of light energy are harvested economically. I would also suggest putting a couple of wind turbines in the Tofumak so that any fluttering gases can be used to help sustain the electromagnetic fields.

The award for worst ISP goes to... it starts with Talk and ends with Talk



I have two TalkTalk accounts coming into the house in Oxfordshire. Have had for years. I know: silly to have two lines by the same supplier (uh-huk-uh-huk). However, the only problem we have had is with one of the accounts is that my business caller ID has never worked. I checked in my online account meaning to make sure that it was turned on and it said that it was.

Long and short of it, saw this article, decided to give TT a hard time about it at last. Got straight through - I mean straight through after the menus. Turns out it was turned off all the time. Bish bash bosh turned it on. Now I don't have anything to gripe about which my missus would disagree with.

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't


Obscene vanity

Due to Irma, my daughter was huddled in her walk-in closet in Florida with her mother and her daughter. There was no electricity and an iPhone that she had to turn off to save the battery.

Tell me that you are quite happy charging everyday, but know that there might be one time where it is critical that you have 40 hours of juice left in a 48 hour hurricane or other emergency.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


I got creative after a fashion.

I just blindly installed it the other day on my 8 year old Sandybridge x64 machine. I guess I was lucky. No problems so far although I can't see one new feature either. I am also using an old trusty 128Gb OCZ cache drive which would have presented a fantastic opportunity for failure, but all working fine.

Half! a! billion! Yahoo! email! accounts! raided! by! 'state! hackers!'


Sky use yahoo mail for their customers. What about that?

Windows 10 handcuffs Cortana web search to Bing and Edge browser


They never learn

Isn't it an "integrated experience" that got them a 571 million Euro fine in 2013?

Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle


Re: The end of Apple

A crime in the eyes of the public? I think you haven't been reading the full news son. 14 people were killed and 22 seriously injured in the second-deadliest mass shooting in California after the 1984 San Ysidro McDonald's massacre.

One of the two killers' phones (whose contacts are obviously vital to the enforcement agencies) is locked., It is protected in that there are 10 attempts to unlock the phone and access the data after which it wipes itself and the data is lost.

To any right minded person the solution would obviously for Apple to do the RIGHT thing and say to the FBI or whoever "give us the phone and we will get the data off [by whatever means] and give you the phone and the data back".

BUT oh! no. Tim Cook and Apple turned it into a PR exercise whereby Apple's phones would be seen by all as the most secure and unbreachable.

No one had to create a back door for the world. This is marketing baloney and if YOU had lost anyone in that shooting you would want law enforcement to have that info.

The privacy world crew needs to stand down. There is no alert. Only a morally compromised Apple.

Google and pals launch Accelerated Mobile Pages project


Yesterday's problem

The mobile carriers are promising that everyone will be watching Wimbledon or the cup final on the bus in a couple years.

Any single dynamic page even written by big nawks is going to float on the tide of data from the mast.

When we look at the data bandwidth in South Korea and see the near future, we realise that this is yesterday's problem.

Naughty Flash Player BURIED ALIVE in OS X Mavericks Safari sandbox


Flash locked up like the 'Princes in the tower'. I am looking forward to the total invulnerability of HTML5. Web developers are being played like marks in a big con while Adobe has got itself at least 10 more years of development cycles with its 'Edge' products.

Today I think I'll move an ellipse across the canvas. Yey!

Takes me back to Flash 4.

ALIEN DETECTION was SUPPRESSED by the BBC - top boffin


If you asked these BBC people why they don't buy a lottery ticket, they would probably say that the odds are "too astronomical" (although they probably make £240,000 pa anyhow).

Ask them if they would consider a program looking for aliens (Alien Watch Live!?) and they would cite H&S reasons.

Is anyone with that magnitude of judgement impairment employable?

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing


Nowadays $100,000 won't even get you a design proposal for the 'ultimate bacon sarnie'. Surprising the amount of empty PR it will buy though when your scramjet just went down in flames and your spare Mars lander ate dirt.

Earthquakes will release captured carbon: Stanford study


More Legislation

What we need is to clampdown on earthquakes. In particularly, tremors in local constituencies where carbon capture is being implemented. Perhaps a new Westminster carbon forum would be the answer?

LinkedIn admits site hack, adds pinch of salt to passwords



if you go to www.linkedin.com/home it says this:

'We will not store your password or email anyone without your permission.'

Methinks they might be buffoons.

Chrome spends a week at the top of the browser charts


Re: Untick

I always use the fastest browser at any one time because I (like most folks) want the page up immediately. It is therefore a shame that FF12 became the speed champ too late. Google is just too big and powerful a company now in all things. I use FF12 and rarely if ever start up ie.


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