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News leech's fresh cash deal with rags 'reasonable' – tribunal

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Re: So how long...

NewsNow isn’t closing, but it already excludes articles that the NLA claims rights in. The Guardian covered this back when the NLA first started their shake-down campaign on the online media monitoring industry:


I absolutely agree that it’s insane for the NLA to do this; companies like NewsNow push readers towards newspaper websites, thus helping their businesses. Restricting the number of would-be readers who receive links to newspaper articles is just crazy.

I also think it’s important to focus on one of the particularly scary parts of the NLA’s position: that reading any online newspaper article while at work requires an NLA licence (or an equivalent licence from the publisher). That is, if you're at work right now, and you go to that Guardian URL, *you owe them money*. I can’t see how anyone could reasonably defend that.



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