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Raspberry Pi gets snappy with camera add-on


Re: I LOVE the Pi

that made me laugh my ass off!!!

I got mine last week, and to be honest you need to be well keen to get it all working and set up. but hey, this thing is new and bugs'll get ironed out eventually ... oh and the documentation needs a bit of commitment too.

i took it into work and the guys there got it connected and running citrix over bb and got xen desktop working and running windows 7 on the corp network.

we showed it to the managers and they are well impressed. as far as they are concerned, this does have the potential to save us loadsa money in the near future ... as they're thinking that when it comes round to refreshing the PC estate, we should be able to go thin client for very low cost.

the main issue with this tho is that peeps expect this thing to kill windows now! it will kill windows eventually, it just needs to do a bit of rocky balboa training first (... running up steps ... chasing chickens ... kinda thing)





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