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High Court: You've made our SH*T list – corked pirate torrent sites double in a day


Re: Isohunt

the working site is .to and it's run by different people and most of the torrents are bogus malware and should be avoided, in this case the court has done the novice downloader a big favour!

Cuffing darknet-dwelling cyberscum is tricky. We'll 'disrupt' crims instead, warns top cop


The police have persistently treated self confessed cyber criminals as victims.

People who lose money to to well known scams like:

I am the chief cashier of (insert name of African Bank) and I control 200 millions of dollars in the account af a late white businessman and need an accomplice to claim the money etc.

By sending money to the fraudsters the victim has become a willing conspirator to obtain the funds, the fact that the account is non existent is irrelevant so, when they present themselves to the police why are thay not prosecuted?

Could it be that they are too stupid to recognise a criminal when he is standing right in their faces?

A prosecution would make a great tabloid story and the resulting publicity could actually encourage these gullible fools to take care of their own affairs.

In three hours, Microsoft gave the Windows-verse everything it needed


Isn't it time for microsoft to start testing ALL their employees for class A drugs, I can see no other reason for their erratic policies.

Virgin Media blames scruffy students for HUGE drop in cable subscribers


You phone Virgin media because you have a fault, eventually after answering the 'technical support' persons irrelevant scripted question they finally agree that there is a fault but unfortunately they can't access the system to book an engineer so you will have to call back later, when you call back later there is no record of the previous call so they insist on going through the script again and and then thay tell you that they still can't book an engineer so, call back again.

They are so poorly trained that they see nothing wrong with that request so it's no wonder that so many people kick them out!

Hooker in Dudley man's car 'just helping to buy tomatoes'


Re: This law

This is your own personal experience?


Re: War driving

You are so right, in these cases it seems that the law, as interpreted by magistrates, is that it is your duty to prove your innocence rather than the prosecutor to prove you guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.


I have no sympathy with soliciting on the streets but shouldn't there have been some actual evidence before this man is fined so much money?

Considering the derisory fines (typically around £100) and sentences for assault and robbery where the victim is often left in fear of walking the streets this seems excessive as there was no victim!

BT workers cuffed over fake overtime and moonlighting claims


I think you'll find that private clamping has already become illegal.

Nicked unencrypted PC with 6,000 bank details lands council fat fine


I've seen a couple of council laptops issued to staff with encryption but the password was on a sticker on the base.

Sneaky new Android Trojan is WORST yet discovered


Re: What Security? (AlbertH)

That's funny!

In the real world I support PCs in homes and small businesses and I have only one recollection af a PC with Microsoft Security Essentials becoming infected, but I an continually dealing with PCs with McAfee, Norton, AVG and Avast that have become infected.

It's not an INDEPENDANT test just my experience.

Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake'


Don;t forget the cut down windows developer kit

Wordperfect lost ground when they brought out the first windows version of WordPerfect because MS circulated an incomplete developers kit, which WordPerfect eventually won damages for but the damages at $100m were insignificant when compared to the damage done to WordPerfect in terms of loss of market share.

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white


Why are all you anoraks debating set top boxes connected to B&W TVs???

Anyone who believes that all or even many of those with B&W licences really have a B&W TV must also believe in tooth fairies and santa clause!

GM snatchback of $10m Facebook ad cash = amateur move


What is the value of Facebook

I never have and never will purchase anything as a result of facebook.

I have used commercial pages on facebook to communicate my displeasure with those companies.

In particular, I have posted pictures of my local KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) polluting our local environment with stinking overflowing bins outside their shop.

Clearly there is no value in this advertising for KFC....

I am personally unable to appreciate the value put on facebook by the purchasers of the shares, but I suspect the people purchasing the shares are 'expert stockbrokers' who are spending other peoples money.


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