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Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad


I am in Spain right now with an EE SIM and a T-Mobile UK prepay SIM (i.e. 3G only). Both have been excellent throughout with absolutely no issues. when I tried Three SIMs in the last couple of years on their roam like home tariff the experience was awful. I travel a lot for work and honestly never find any issues with EE. I simply do not think that they throttle traffic at all. I suspect after this summer when they see how big their roaming bills are from their foreign network partners they might start to do it!

Please come back! TalkTalk woos customers with broadband offers


I'm with Virgin and get the 100Mbps service. I don't care how cheap Talk talk is, I coudln't go back to those types of speeds...

Vodafone: Can't make calls on our network? Use Wi-Fi


Had it on Orange - poor quality

I had Signal Boost on my old Ornage HTC One X. It was great on the London Underground with the Virgin wifi. Especially useful for SMS. But I had to switch it off at home since the call quality was far too low...

Virgin Media blocks 'wankers' from permissible passwords



I used to work in one of the mobile operators and had cause to exchange correspondence with Rogers Wireless in Canada. For some reason the emails didn't arrive but they did when sent from our personal accounts. Eventually the penny dropped...

Reg probe bombshell: How we HACKED mobile voicemail without a PIN


Switch to Hullomail

I use Hullomail. Secure and effective. I am a customer and not an employee before anyone asks! The beauty is it pushes the messages to your phone using a data connection and if you pay £6 a year it forwards them to your email. If you do choose to dial in you must provide a PIN.

Haribo gummy bears implicated in 'gastric exorcism'


Veet for men

Reminds me of the legendary Veet for Men reviews on Amazon UK. Classic.


New Oyster online service goes live at TfL


What's new?

Hasn't this service been live for a couple of years. Admittedly it was improved about 6 months ago but I have been using this for my expenses for around 2 years?


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