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What is this, 2016? A rummage around in 7th-gen iPad innards shows repurposed tech within


iPad 1

I genuinely still use my iPad 1, hard work most of the time, but it still serves a purpose, just...

She's just a Cosmic Girl but UK.gov is dangling £20m to have Beardy Branson's 747 launch satellites from Cornwall


Re: Is there a pilot in the house?

Not far off... 8986ft / 2738m / 1.7miles. Depends if the 747 needs to be fully laden to launch said rockets, doubt it...


And if proof needed of the IETs not being affected by sea spray at Dawlish, today is a good example, Voyagers not running today but IETs continue, watch here: https://www.dawlishbeach.com/


Totally agree on the Castle Set, refurbished short HSTs, far better than the IETs, but my comment still stands, not aware they are in anyway affected by sea spray, this was part of the design, I'll double check with my dad, he drives them to London and back, but of all the complaints, I don't think sea spray intake was one of them!


Not entirely accurate, the IETs are fine along the sea wall, sea spray or not. The XC voyagers, not so!

EE squashes Orange UK: France Telecom's been 'destroying it for years'


Re: Oh Two, Zero Two

Second this, does wind me up when people get it wrong, guess it boils down to they way people say 'o' instead of zero in numbers for example...

Silent, spacious and... well, insipid: Citroën's electric C-Zero car


Re: correction needed

and did you really write "Tescos" ?

Flying saucer with 'stadium-sized' orb to INVADE Earth's skies


Re: Waste of Helium?

Agree with the comments about true wasting on birthday balloons and the like, I guess when being used for research at science institutions it merits the use of (maybe not such a rare) resource. I blame Brian Cox for making me believe it so rare :-)


Waste of Helium?

On a very boring and serious note... what a really big waste of helium!

What is SpaceX Dragon's secret cargo?


Secret Cargo

An Olympic Torch maybe?


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