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Blue sky basic income thinking is b****cks

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Re: Still not sure how it would work

It's only an opportunity cost if the money isn't being used for essential purposes elsewhere. Giving up socialising and beer then spending it on developing a website is possible, and definitely an opportunity cost. Giving up eating is not possible, neither is moving from your accommodation in some instances.

Higher tech prices ARE here to stay. It's Mr Farage's new Britain

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Re: Brexit means brexit.

Fortunately the Netherlands now has some outstanding home grown craft beer. I had an unfiltered wheat beer earlier this year, and it was amazing. Not particularly cheap, but amazing..

Definitely a lovely place to visit, but it's a bit short on hills for my liking.

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Re: "This was a rational decision that prices in the uncertainty and short-term pain."

Absolutely, but this would probably be the same idiots who voted Tory 'to make work pay' in the bloody-obvious-they-were-mistaken belief that benefits would go up, as would pay. Instead, to no surprise, benefits have been squeezed and in work payments have barely changed.

Who killed Pebble? Easy: The vulture capitalists

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Re: Smartwatches/Wearables Not dead - just biding their time

The Psion II did not die - it was very popular (mostly in business), and followed by the brilliant Series 3 and Series 5. After the Series 5, mobile phones took over and killed off Psion devices, Palm devices, and PalmPC.

I don't think smartwatches are in the 'but what do they do?' category at all. The faults are either 1) They don't do enough or 2) They're ugly as sin. Smartwatches are very successful in specific niches - specifically exercise, but a waterproof, shock proof watch that shows a reasonable amount of data is rarely fashionable enough to be an every day watch.

Russia's bid for mobile self-sufficiency may be the saviour of Sailfish

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Sailfish does not run Android apps

Sailfish runs Sailfish apps, which currently doesn't include a payable app store.

Jolla phones run Sailfish with an Android runtime.

There are various Sailfish ports to non Jolla phones. They don't run Android apps, and there is no option to pay for an Android runtime. Even the Jolla phone doesn't include Google play services, which rules out a number of apps.

It'd be lovely to have another mobile os, but without the app support it's dead. I can't say I'm a huge fan of many of the ways apps work on Android, but at least they enable keeping in touch with friends using common apps.

Whatsapp? Nope. Kik? Nope. Snapchat? Nope. Google Hangouts? yes, except no video calls, and no-one uses it. Instagram? barely - no upload facility.

If your smart home gear hasn't updated recently, throw it in the trash

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Re: Logical conclusion if devices are unpatchable and blocked/remotely killswitched

So proxy it so it connects to a *different* home, that is secure.

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Logical conclusion if devices are unpatchable and blocked/remotely killswitched

A new market in embedded proxies/firewalls (ok, technically it'll be a bridge), and an explosion in single use wireless access points (because most new devices are wireless). Take your dirty IoT device, plug its connection/wireless details into the MakeItClean proxy/firewall, and off you go.

Of course if you're a gadget freak with multiple broken devices it may need multiple firewalls/devices - which are mostly the same, just programmed a little differently to work around the foibles in the broken IoT.

Of course, quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Better make sure the firewall is bulletproof and patchable..

Should be entirely doable, and potentially a lot cheaper than replacing an IoT device.

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You get them to release their code in escrow, pay into a fund for future bug fixing, and have mandatory security testing *before* their product is released.

They don't want to do that? Their product is not available for sale or import..

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Forget, IoT, what about phones?

IoT is relatively new, and not as widespread.

Phones are a far bigger issue. One of Blackberry's selling points for their new Android phones is that security fixes are released on a timely basis every month. This should not be a feature, it is basic functionality that in a sane world would be heavily scored against if lacking.

Instead, no-one does. Thereg and all other sites are busy yakking on about how great the camera is, or the brightness of the screen, instead of revealing that the manufacturer's last phone stopped being updated after 18 months, isn't rootable, and is now a security nightmare.

It's ok, though thereg, keep being two faced by whinging about IoT whilst refusing to criticise phones, and telling people to use IPV6 whilst not offering an IPV6 website yourself.. That would cost money and advertising, wouldn't it? Exactly the same reason no-one is improving security, and consumers aren't about to chuck out any kit that still works from their perspective.

Inbound firewalling will increase at ISPs, and mandatory updates and remote kill switches will increase. Microsoft have got away with it for Windows 10..

Cassini tickles Saturn's rings ahead of final death plunge

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Re: Does Uranus have rings?

Whoops! Thanks for the update.

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Re: Does Uranus have rings?

Yes, although it's angled at 90 degrees to every other planet.

Neptune has arcs instead of full rings.

BlackBerry's final QWERTY floats past the rumour mill

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You've never used a physical keyboard phone, have you?

I'll be shortly getting a Priv - amount of screen lost to physical keyboard : 0%, it slides down under the screen. The screen on this is large.

I'm currently using a Motorola Photon Q. Amount of screen lost to physical keyboard : 0%, it slides down as landscape under the screen. At the time the screen was quite large.

I was using a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. Amount of screen lost to physical keyboard : 0%, it slides down as landscape under the screen. When released the screen was very large for its time.

I'm not a Blackberry fan, I'm a physical keyboard fan. I appreciate some of Blackberry's design and software, but didn't go for a Blackberry phone because apps are lacking. Neither am I an unqualified fan of Android - it still has plenty of flaws, but it has the best variety of apps, so that's where you have to go.

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Too late, already gone for a Priv

I'm still not at all happy with the fact it doesn't have a removable battery, or can't be rooted, but it's the only keyboard Android in town, and my modded Photon Q's battery was slowly dying, it's becoming difficult to run all the apps I want due to ongoing Android bloat, and there's other things I'd rather do than drag out the dremel to give it extra battery.

288 quid on a Black Friday sale was too good to pass up. The only possible contender is a Moto Z with a (unreleased) Moto Mod hardware keyboard, or this upcoming Blackberry Mercury. Both will be wallet crushingly expensive.

Still tempted by a Blackberry Passport after looking at it extensively, even though I know the app compatibility is very lacking.

Online advent calendar offers mystery VM every day until Christmas

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Re: Sweet

Good snark, but don't connect it to your network, then! (or to a VM only network).

Sounds shiny, I'll be checking it out.

CERT tells Microsoft to keep EMET alive because it's better than Win 10's own security

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Re: Great point he's making

Compatibility is just fine in Windows 7 and 8, but in x64 versions there is no 16 bit Windows compatibility due to hardware limitations.

What on earth are you running? DOS versions? I run all manner of crappy old kit and haven't run into compatibility issues. Any issues that do exist are usually down to the programs being poorly written in the first place.

It's *twenty years* since DOS and Windows 3.x died, do you think perhaps you could give Windows a break..

Debian putting everything on the /usr

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Probably won't make too much difference

There are edge cases, though. As already mentioned, the fact that rescue utilities won't be in / if /usr is mounted separately.

If /usr is folded into / it can create issues in multiboot systems, as / is tiny, but /usr is relatively large especially with desktop environments included.Granted this is an unusual case, and not one that would typically be used in a production system.

Get patching: Xen bug blows hypervisor security to bits – literally

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Yes. The VMs can be migrated to another host, provided no hardware is passed through to the VM, and the processor features on the target Xen box are equivalent or better than those on the source box.

Angry user demands three site visits to fix email address typos

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I see where you're coming from Symon, but yes, yes it's worse in education.

What it should actually be is BDSM porn. I know more than one friend in education who can never, ever, even suggest they are in any way other than vanilla and completely straight.

Shouldn't be the case, but unfortunately it is.

Kotkin: Why Trump won

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Re: It's not "why", it's "how"

If you want to be picky people vote for a person, that person is (usually) a potential MP of a party, and the party that forms a working majority wins, usually with the same leader as entered the election.

It should be technically possible for MPs that won a majority of constituency vote to immediately switch affiliation, for the winning party to thus change, or even if it won for the PM to instantly change.

Hell, in the snowball chance in hell scenario, shouldn't it be possible for the PM to decide to quit as an MP, switch to an opposing party, have that gain a majority and continue on as the PM leading the opposing party..

Lenovo downward dogs with Yoga BIOS update supporting Linux installs

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Re: You're seeing conspiracies where they don't exist

Lenovo don't even support Windows 8 on their more recent hardware, so unless you're spinning this as being in the pockets of MS and forcing W10 adoption, I'm still calling it cockup or poor business decision.

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You're seeing conspiracies where they don't exist

This is not a mass conspiracy against Linux, it's very simply because non Windows OS do not make the manufacturer sufficient money to create a decent BIOS.

This is endemic in PC hardware - what is supported is only what is required at that moment, this means that sometimes functionality improves over time, and other times it degrades.

My favourite was a custom modem (a while back) that didn't work when tested, further investigation found that it did not return any data in numeric response code mode! It was specialist enough I could ring the supplier, and they confirmed they hadn't put it in because 'no-one used it or had asked for it'. A revised firmware fixed the issue.

Modems are a great example - at first they had to be programmed with custom command set strings, then TAPI came along and made things a lot easier (on Windows), but towards the end of their life functionality degraded as TAPI profiles were only written to work for dial up Internet - if additional features were needed, it was often necessary to edit the profile.

Good luck finding a PS/2 keyboard that works well with scan set 3 - many don't. Most CD writers don't support selecting a particular session because it's very rarely used.

VTd was, until recently, broken on many BIOSes mostly because it wasn't used at all in Windows, and rarely elsewhere. The latest versions of Windows start to support it, and suddenly there's a reason to create a half decent BIOS.

This is not necessarily all bad; server motherboards usually have decent firmware, but for instance even many of those no longer support MPS tables (ACPI supplanted it, and is much more useful). Given that NT 4 and Warp Server SMP are used by few people these days, it's not really a huge loss.

We're going to have to start making changes or the adults will do it for us

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Re: Tabs != n*spaces

I wrote a custom disconnected mail routing system based on sendmail years ago on SCO, and didn't bother using m4. I would not classify it as 'easy'.

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Try and concentrate on the reason for change

Sometimes, yes, it is because a New Shiny has appeared and the person genuinely believes it's an improvement. Ask yourself if it's any good, are they trying to accommodate people who point out flaws in their vision *cough* Lennart *cough*, or are they upfront on their position and that absolutely defines the limits of how they can change (de Raadt, Stallman..)

Also ask yourself if it actually matters. I have preferences for editors (vi or X2), window managers (cwm), operating systems (BSD), and coding (C++, awk, python). What I actually need is a web browser, an editor, and a mail client - it doesn't really matter which. I've used CP/M, DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Unix as my main OS and they all got the job done. It was more important what they enabled in my life. It all involves compromise : currently I'm trying to have FreeBSD in a VM as my main desktop (home, work is mostly Windows), and whilst it works I have to admit Windows manages extremely well here.

The above is why 'emotional intelligence' (blech) is an important part of providing a solution.

Many, many other times it's because there is money involved. Those with long memories may remember when Windows remote desktop start becoming A Thing. Like any New Shiny (conveniently based on Old Shiny), it was pushed hard as the solution to everything - never mind that in the early days printing and requirements for local storage were somewhat of an issue to name only a couple of issues. Now it's devops, and VDI, and agile.

There is never going to be consensus on any new trend, in any area (not just IT), because to immediately take a mature and rational view would get in the way of making money. Far better to stick the new idea in somewhere where it just about works, patch around the issues, and after the initial gold rush actually use it for genuinely useful instances.

FBI's Clinton email comedown confirms it could have killed the story in a canter

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My main e-mail folder currently has 50,000 e-mails in it, another one has 70,000, and no longer updated .pst has 25,000 plus. None are making the computer fall over..

Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good

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What's the obsession with graphical installers?

I'll grant a graphical installer is useful for disk partitioning, but frankly that's rare, and otherwise the installer should ask a few questions and get on with its job. The OpenBSD installer excels at this.

Arch perhaps goes a tiny bit too far the other way, but as its purpose is extreme customisability, and it's absolutely necessary to have a certain level of technical competence to use it, it's forgivable.

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Re: What's the advantage?

You're not the target market for Arch. The vast majority of people do not use Arch because it's a challenge, it's because you can specify precisely what's on the system. With other distributions there's a lot of supporting programs that are not always required.

Does it provide better printing? Possibly, if by using a specific printer setup higher quality is achieved than the defaults in other distribution.

Is it more secure? Possibly, through reduced attack surface and only the services you specify being turned on (but this also requires the system to be configured correctly).

Personally I prefer Slackware/Salix, but Arch could be useful for an embedded/firewall box.

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I think you spelt 'Salix' incorrectly..

Easy to install, variety of desktop options, no systemd, and package dependency built in. Yes please.

BlackBerry DTEK60: An elegant flagship for grown-ups

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Re: The DTEK app is useless

Yes, they can - if it's a Marshmallow app, but it's only a basic 'disable' not spoofing of information that's more useful. Normally it's a case that if the app is denied permissions it just falls over.

Apps earlier than Marshmallow bypass the controls.

After worrying about it for a bit, I'm calling rowhammer overblown. No one is jumping up and down about it, and the people bothered to replicate the issues are finding it difficult to find vulnerable ram.

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The DTEK app is useless

Practically none of the reviews point out that whilst the DTEK app will notify the user that a permission is being used *it will not block it*. Useful as a chocolate teapot.

If Blackberry had added this capability/merged in a more friendly version of XPosed or similar I'd be impressed.

As it is, they're mildly lauded for meeting the minimum standard of issuing timely security patches. THIS IS NOT A FEATURE. The other manufactures should be given a negative rating until they actually support their products.

It's fine, though, no-one cares - chucking your phone into landfill after two years because it can't be updated and is insecure as hell is standard.

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Re: So the obvious non-answered questions:

It's a Blackberry phone, so no.

I'm really not keen in not having a rootable phone, but I also like hardware keyboards, and am hanging on with a modded 2012 Motorola Photon Q

App proves Rowhammer can be exploited to root Android phones – and there's little Google can do to fully kill it

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Not sure if we should worry

I was holding off on buying a new system until there was one demonstrated to be rowhammer proof, but looking around it seems the few people actually testing this are finding it difficult to replicate on other systems.

Outside of the exploit researchers, practically no-one is testing this, and those that are aren't seeing many failures.

This is a good thing, because I'm about to buy a load of DDR3 ECC..

Accountant falls for sexy Nigerian email scammer, gives her £150k he cheated out of pal

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Re: I get loads of these scammers contact me.

Possible, but probably easier to just get women to do it. I'm sure not all the scammers are men.

I'm happy that the vast majority of the scammers are so obvious, if they were any good, more people would be caught.

I suppose it is possible that the scammers don't want to push things far enough that governments legislate to prevent scamming (i.e. effectively closing down/severely delaying Western Union transfers, etc)

No NY love for Airbnb

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To point out the bleeding obvious, you can make as many sandwiches and cups of coffee as you want *provided you're not selling them*. As soon as you offer a service to the public you need to comply with all the appropriate legislation.

Sysadmin flees asbestos scare with disk drive, blank pay cheques, angry builders in pursuit

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Re: Die Hard VII: Sysadmin

I echo the 'whoosh', you're missing subtext.

There is only one Matrix film.

There is one Highlander film (two if you're being generous).

One Hobbit film

Six Batman films

Two Terminator films

Three X-Men films (maybe four)

Contentiously I recognise five Star Wars films..

Y'know that ridiculously expensive Oculus Rift? Yeah, it just got worse

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Slightly disingenuous article

It's not really sensible to compare the PS4 to either the Rift or the Vive, and it's definitely off to compare it to a knock off Chinese copy. Rockpapershotgun recently reviewed a higher resolution 60Hz Chinese VR headset - the conclusion was basically that Oculus/HTC were correct in insisting on special 90Hz low latency screens, the cheaper system looked better when stood still, and caused motion sickness when moving.

Likewise Metro had a number of decent reviews, and it's not as if everything Rockstar have created is brilliant.

Bash Oculus for valid reasons by all means, but incorrect nitpicking is not on.

ZX Spectrum Vega+ will ship on time, developer claims amid doubts

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Re: You can't go back

You can go back, you just have to be selective.

I would say that, personally, 8 bit games are getting on a bit. I neither use my real MSX or emulated 8 bits on a regular basis.

On the other hand I still play games from the late eighties onwards reasonably often : PC (DOS), Dreamcast, original XBox, bit of SNES, Gameboy Advance, etc.

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Re: "there is always some risk with a kick starter by definition"

Kickstarter is not much better. There are scams going on there, and KS are doing nothing about them.

Mozilla tells Firefox OS devs to fork off if they want to chase open web apps vision

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Re: Doubtful that someone running an old unsupported OS is keeping their browser up-to-date

You might have a point if the operating systems were unsupported, but they aren't. Vista is still supported until the start of April 2017, XP is technically still supported in embedded versions until 2019, but that's not for normal apps.

I still have a laptop with a Vista partition, because I have the license, it works, and is still supported. Admittedly recently I have moved the main partition to FreeBSD, with a Windows 7 VM for Windows tasks.

Judge makes minor tweaks to sex ban IT man's order

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It's not that their partner is suffering, it's that their partner needs to *appear* to be scared so he can be turned on. That could easily be an activity between two consenting adults. It's only a douche move when it isn't discussed with your partner, or when you exceed previously agreed or implied boundaries.

If there's informed consent, it's not up to anyone to police behaviour. Far more effective to provide guidance on how to properly negotiate with a partner.

Lenovo denies claims it plotted with Microsoft to block Linux installs

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Not exactly new

My ancient Asus P4PE (pentium 4 era) did the same - it has SATA ports that to use with one drive needs to run in one disk RAID mode. Windows has no problem with this. FreeBSD throws a fit and needs to be told to treat it as a normal disk, not a RAID array.

Hypervisor security ero-Xen: How guest VMs can hijack host servers

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Re: So...

It doesn't seem like a huge problem at first, does it, even if it's the first Xen flaw in a while that has been an oversight rather than a very specific set of circumstances.

Unfortunately, if you can exploit the VM to manipulate the boot loader, and then reboot the system, it's game over - VM boots up in 16 bit mode, machine owned.

Xen is by no means perfect, but it's quite a decent product with unique virtualisation and manageability features.

Latest Intel, AMD chips will only run Windows 10 ... and Linux, BSD, OS X

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This isn't the same, and Linux/BSD dropped support for 386s because :

1) It's too slow

2) No one is using 386s any more.

486 support will take longer to disappear, because there's still a fair bit of embedded kit using 486 processors. Anything above a Core processor is usable for modern productivity tasks (i.e word processing), although it'll probably chug for the most advert heavy webpages.

However, 486 support only applies to the base OS. A number of packages have assumed at least SSE (P3), and browsers have started enforcing SSE2 (P4). For text only, very slow systems are still manageable. Many X utilities seem to assume Qt these days and I suspect a pentium 4 is the minimum usable platform, I tried with slower and it was a bad idea.

Windows is much more strict with later releases, and running some apps, particularly games, is sometimes tricky. No Man's Sky shipped requiring SSE4.1, which is included in Intel chips from 2007 or later, but not in Phenom 2 chips, the last of which was released in 2011.. That got fixed rapidly.

OpenBSD 6.0 lands

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Use FreeBSD. Linux compatibility was removed from OpenBSD because no one used it, and it wasn't very good. If I remember correctly it only ever worked on 32 bit x86 OpenBSD, too..

Alternatively use Slackware, Salix, or Gentoo with OpenRC

BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

Re: Yay!

Also probably quieter, cooler, and using modern storage that basically 'just works'.

In the near future I'm going to replace my home firewall, a pentium 3 system with compact flash card, and an ISA graphics card, with one of these : http://www.pcengines.ch/apu2c4.htm. Looks shiny, definitely works, with an AMD chip in it that doesn't suck.

BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

Re: But will it run Crysis?

Probably not, makes a fine firewall though. The only method I can think of is VirtualBox and a suitable OpenGL driver, but I'm not sure if VirtualBox is fine on OpenBSD, and there are no binary drivers due to OpenBSD's code policy, so OpenGL and general driver support is lacking a bit.

It will however run the open GTA 3 engine, if you're that way inclined.

Sysadmin sticks finger in pipe, saves data centre from flood

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Re: Home UPS

Yep, been there, done that when work bought some cheap UPSes from a second hand IT kit place. The output wasn't pure enough so kit just refused to work on some UPSes, and only worked when we turned sensitivity right down on others. APC Smart UPS worked with no issues.

IoT manufacturer caught fixing security holes

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Re: Household insurance

Go on, it's Friday.

Average breast size in the UK as of late 2015 : 36DD

Weight of a 36DD breast as per a wikihow article : 36E (close enough)=1.7lbs per breast=3.4lbs for both, or 5.1lbs if you're Eccentrica Gallumbits or that woman off Total Recall.

Weight of a bag of potatoes=2.5kg

3.4lbs in kg=1.54221 (truncated at 5dp)

40 bags of potatoes=2.5x40=100kg


So, 65 pairs of jubs, assuming an average jub quantity per person of two.

or 44 gallumbits worth of pressure on the lock.

Chocolate Factory exudes Nougat as Android 7 begins rollout

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Bullshit, Nexus 5 can't run Android 7..

Not buying it. Nexus 5 has a quad core 2.2GHz processor and 2GB RAM. Even if it downclocks to 1GHz, and the dalvik runtime is a bit bloated, sounds like a lack of optimisation rather than substandard hardware.

My 2012 phone happily runs Marshmallow courtesy of Cyanongenmod, provided I don't try Pokemon GO. I think I can live with that..

You shrunk the database into a .gz and the app won't work? Sigh

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Re: When life imitates art...

You could have told them which switch port - if all switches are intelligent. There are plenty of installations where only core switches are intelligent, or none of them are.

The calm before the storm: AMD's Zen bears down on Intel CPUs

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'AMD doesn't want to talk about exact benchmarks at this moment'

aka it's going to be slow. This is a workstation processor without workstation features (except ECC). To impress me it'd need improved virtualisation features (Intel is undeniably the clear winner here), ideally dual socket support by default (which would of course eat into AMD's lacklustre server offerings), and an integrated APU (OK, maybe that should go in the server processor, but it destroys the lie that AMD is committed to HSA. Basic VDI built in would be useful)

Another site claims AMD underclocked the 6900K to 3GHz to match the clock speed of the Zen sample, which still didn't convincingly win. In AMD's current generation specific heavily threaded benchmarks offer the highest performance, so this test is probably a high point.

Zen will be repeatedly and embarrassingly trounced on any single threaded benchmark on release. The performance desktop market is not Broadwell-E - that's a set of niche enthusiast CPUs for virtualisation and rendering fans that can't stomach buying a Xeon. The target market for Zen should be the 6700K/4790K i.e. four high speed cores, eight threads. Very fast for most desktop apps, and the best choice for gamers.


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