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Best and the Rest: ARM Mini PCs


Re: Been eyeing up the slice for a while

Check it out with Android. Its KICK ass !

And cheap is relative. its so much more than most of the other computers here


TrimSLICE - my favourirt

Been using this for 6 months and think the comments here under play it.

High performance ARM with Nvidia Tegra2, industrial grade and so small when you consider its power. We ve been developing a digital signage application on a 22" multitouch TFT with TrimSLICE and Android 4.0. Really cool piece of kit

Oh and i notice you said its from the guys who made the linuxtop. Actually its not. its by the guys who make the equally cool FitPC family whose IntensePC i'm about to buy (i7 ivybridge, fanless, really small). We buy though their UK partner at www.fit-pc.co.uk

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