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Let 15 July forever be known as P-Day: When UK's smut fans started being asked for their age


From reading the ElReg stuff yesterday, I don't think resale is illegal though it might be impractical as the "porn passes" expire 24 hours after purchase.

I suppose the business model could be to have teams of people outside newsagents offering to go in and buy said pass for (say) £1 extra.....

Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone


Re: Don't be........

'The above comes from a quote by my wife along the lines of "his music has too many notes and they are all in the wrong place"'

She is an Eric Morecambe fan, isn't she? https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/eric_morecambe_370203

Take my advice: The only safe ID is a fake ID


Re: Starbucks

There are a number of different thresholds for reporting under charity law. I can't see one at £5000. A small charity really doesn't need an accountant.

Tech team trapped in data centre as hypoxic gas flooded in. Again


Halon toxicity

It's not lack of oxygen that'll hurt you

"Although generally considered a safe and inert agent, inhalation of air containing Halon has been associated with a toxicologic syndrome affecting the respiratory, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems, as well as the skin."

(https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S073567579690087X) (paywall)

Budget hotel chain, UK political party, Monzo Bank, Patreon caught in Typeform database hack


Your data will not be passed on to any 3rd party

I just received an email from Argos asking me to do a survey because I just bought something from them.

The email contained the above statement. So I thought I would at least look at the survey.

It was hosted on survey.foreseeresults(dot)com

(Yes I know it's not Typeform, but you would think they would at least know not to make misleading statements like that)

Computer Misuse Act charge against British judge thrown out


Re: Black and white or various shades of grey?

"Maybe the judge who made this somewhat misguided decision should reconsider the precedent he is setting?"

The case was heard in the Crown Court which doesn't create a binding precedent.

Brit IT contractor wins appeal against HMRC to pay £26k in back taxes


Re: So confusing.

Decisions of the First-Tier Tribunal do not create a binding precedent. The decision may be persuasive in other FTT cases but it's not binding. And it certainly doesn't set a precedent in any senior Tribunal or court.

RIP... almost: Brit high street gadget shack Maplin Electronics


Re: Well at least

So you've basically defrauded a different seller? Nice attitude. I see why you posted as AC.

Crowdfunding small print binned as Retro Computers Ltd loses court refund action


It's an interesting judgment, but it doesn't set a precedent. No other court is bound to follow this decision until or unless it's upheld by a higher court (if there was an appeal).

NatWest customer services: We're aware of security glitch


Re: Had simi9lar issues

I have had to reset password several times on a new Ulster Bank (part of same group) account. Seems to be OK now but I'm sure I wasn't getting the password characters wrong....

Chrome 56 quietly added Bluetooth snitch API


Re: Keep waiting for the day when users will start to push back....

"Think about how many people actually know how their car works. That will eventually be the same average for computers."

Only if a national programme of IT education is instituted. Otherwise it'll remain close to zero.

Oh, for F...acebook: WhatsApp, critics spar over alleged 'backdoor'


Re: Spy

You've blown your cover. "Are the trains OK?" is obviously code as the answer is always "No".

Amazon files patent for 'Death Star' flying warehouse


pie in the sky

@James51 that's the best reason - pie delivery drones!

Microsoft quietly emits patch to undo its earlier patch that broke Windows 10 networking


Re: ,So there's an online fix for not being able to get online?

And how will alternatives to Skype work when his computer can't connect? Do they come with a free pair of tin cans and a ball of string?

Allow us to sum this up: UK ISP Plusnet minus net for nine-plus hours


Re: A little slow in Berkshire

"Don't be daft"

Is the PNET offer cheaper than your currrent EE deal for the service? Since it's a 30 day rolling contract (I think),where's the downside?

Yes, the special rate for exisitng broadband customers may be undercut in future but you can easily move again. Check the T&Cs to make sure you're not tied in to BB.

Job ad asks for 'detrimental' sysadmin


Re: Gezocht Wanbeheerder

Only if WAN in Dutch means MIS?

UK public auditor, scourge of tax-dodging big biz, hosts its site on ... Amazon


Re: Cloud computing = losing control of your data

As I read it, this article is about web hosting. There's no suggestion that client data is stored outside the UK. Unless anyone knows better.....?

Google burns promise of 'no big banner ads'. Don't Be Evil next?


Re: Nectar card

Got that email too. What was most annoying about it? I don't have a Ford so maybe they aren't so clever after all. On the other hand, I did google Ford recently....

MoJ fined £140K for EMAILING privates of 1,000 inmates


Double deleted

Presumably means 'deleting' in the mail client which really means putting in a folder called Deleted Items or some such. Then deleting from there. So the data is gone from the mail client. Of course there are ways in which the data might still be recovered, but the likelihood of this happening seems remote.

Glider pilot 'swallowed camera memory' say plunge tragedy cops


Re: shhh don't tell that to the American right

what American? Vancouver is in Canada!

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