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SEX CRAZED FISH keeping hapless Southamptonites awake


Re: But neither story answers the important question

Unfortunately, this noise is not restricted to Southampton.

I live in Weston-super-mare and I have been hearing this type of low hum/pulsating for weeks now, so unless these fish are dashing around the Cornish headland and massing just off the sea front to serenade me to sleep, i believe we may be have a wider problem.

It could also be that these type of fish are grouping in large numbers, placed strategically around the British coastline, ready to give a national rendition of 'Jerusalem' when England win the 2014 world cup!

But maybe not......

How politicians could end droughts forever But they don't want to


Water Wheels!

Couldn't we just use a water wheel to produce the electricity needed to run the plant and then use the same water to desalinate?

So, the water falls over the wheel (special electrification magic takes place) and then the water passes into the desalination area for processing.

Bits about sludge, excess salt etc are all minor points..we'll sort those out later.


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