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Kaspersky: Apple security is like Microsoft's in 2002

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Would Kaspersky software have protected me from the Java exploit?

I realise all computers can get malware, it's just down to the available attack vectors a malware writer can exploit. WIth Java now being managed directly by Oracle. Let's hope Apple responds better to any remaining Mac OS specific exploits in the future.

But do we really need third party anti-virus solutions to protect us from Mac malware or are they little or no better than own Apple attempts?

Some questions I'd like Kaspersky to answer:

1. How did third party anti virus application/vendors protect a Mac from the Java runtime flaw

a. Before it came common knowledge of the breach.

b. Before Apple released a patch?

c. After Apple released a patch and their own code removing any malware.

2. Did any of the Anti virus vendors release 'temporary' cleanup applications which made matters worse? Hmmm?

3. I understand Apple 'quietly release' malware clean up fixes as and when they are identified. Including ones which are installed via user assistance i.e. trojans. How do third party anti virus software do a better job cleaning up other Mac specific malware when compared to Apples own efforts?


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