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Lesbos climax as lesbians lick Lesbians


Maybe I'm older than I thought....

...but I was under the impression that this was solved decades ago, like in the '70s. Correct me if you must, but I thought this fight had been fought and the ruling was that the gay women would use the word "lesbian" and the islanders would use the word "lesbosian".

No confusion there, eh?

That's choice, Sam. ...tongue and groove. Made my day.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face


Maybe..... maybe not.

We're now 40 minutes past "release time" and RC3 is the only thing I'm finding on getfirefox.com. The one thing that can make you look foolish in a process like this is to generate a lot of hoopla and this misfire.

And, if you want to set a record for missing release deadlines there are some pretty big companies to compete with.

Assyrian clay tablet points to 'Sodom and Gomorrah' asteroid

Paris Hilton


Sorry Spleen! It looks like your Paris got turned into a pillar of salt. She probably wasn't looking back at the city so much as she was checking to see if the shift she was wearing made her ass look fat.

And no, it's not your clothes that make your ass look fat, honey. It's having your head in there. Or others....

OOXML approved as international standard?

Dead Vulture

ISO! It's Something Obvious!

Anyone whose putting any weight behind an ISO standard is getting what they paid for. I worked for a major manufacturing firm that went through ISO9000 and 9001 audit at the same time that "Dilbert's" company did. (Seriously, the comics came out almost in parallel with developments where I worked!) We were on respirators from the laughter. I watched several boxes of non-compliant documentation "disappear" and magically reappear at the hands of an administrator who was almost as adept a magician as Bullwinkle. It was just as big a joke for us as it was for Dilbert and Wally.

If your hanging your hat on an ISO standard this bird's for you!

(p.s. How many Yale History degrees does it take to pay for an affirmative ISO vote?)

US state outlaws RFID data theft


It's a strange universe...

> RFID devices are supposed to be small, cheap, simple and (normally) passive. Thus, no switch.

What a coincidence!? I'm small, cheap, simple, and (normally) passive, too! And, I have no switch! I wonder if I'm dangerous? Maybe I should be outlawed?

EU wants RFID tags turned off

Thumb Down

Fear and Apprehension....

I, for one, would not care to step out into a dark parking lot with my shopping bag broadcasting the fact that I just bought a new iPod and digital camera. They can have the dustbin, and the beans.

US man threatens TV repairman with shotgun

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More common than you might think....

My uncle was a telephone company lineman in the midwest USA. One disgruntled old lady let her German shepherd out into the yard while my uncle was up the pole and wouldn't tie the dog up until my uncle agreed to take some unnecessary charges off of her most recent phone bill. After waiting for an hour my uncle killed the dog with a well-thrown hand ax. When the old woman called the cops they told her if SHE ever did anytyhing like that again they'd make sure she went with them, not the repairman.

Assault with a deadly..... beast? canine? mammal?

Yeah, that's it, assault with a deadly mammal. I like the sound of that.

Microsoft readies Hal 9000


Adaptable to government work?

If this did come with an SDK then it could be modified to add more water when the towel dries out, or if the "employee" is not demonstrating enough stress in their resipratory cycle. It would also need some sort of system for disposing of video captures of the workday's "productivity". There's nothing like the promise of a lucrative government to bring out the creativity in people.

I think "Richard"head Cheney might be very interested in this product.


MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom


I'm very concerned.....

.....about the social consequences of a world-wide "'roid event", but this ain't it. Neither is performance enhancing chemicals.

Foam hinders Halo 3 disc scratching down under


Think in legalese.....

It's quite likely that someone already holds a patent on this stunning bit of technology, and it applies to the North American and European markets. In their brilliance, they most likely forgot that humans also occupy the southern hemisphere and so didn't bother to apply for rights below the equator.

Ohio data leak was 'accident waiting to happen'


Specialized Equipment?

Each time I read this the same question comes to mind. They keep saying that "accessing the data requires specialized equipment and expertise". Does that mean that the data is encrypted, or does that mean that you have to own a tape drive and know how to use it?


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