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Blade PC start-up manages to nail IBM, ClearCube and Verari

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PC over IP products are not Thin Clients

Thin Client computing is a win-lose proposition. IT wins with better security, management, etc..., but the end user experience impacts productivity and can't support many of the USB devices end users want and need. Teradici's PC over IP technology turns this into a win-win situation. The end-user cannot tell that the computer is not locally attached since our display compression technology adds less than 10ms latency roundtrip and reproduces perceptually lossless images (which builds to completely lossless when the image stops moving). Software-based Thin Client solutions cannot deliver this type of visual experience anymore than they could encode 1080i content in less than 10ms (and most PC displays are much higher pixel rates than 1080i).

Furthermore, our unique USB hardware bridge allows any USB device to be supported even including interrupt and isochronous devices. No RDP Thin Client can do that. Furthermore, IT can directly control what USB devices are authorized on a user by user basis.

I know most readers will be highly skeptical of these claims, but in side-by-side comparisons, people are unable to tell the difference between the locally connected display and the PC over IP display. Try that with a Thin Client.

The even better news for IT is that the PC over IP desktop device (we call it a Portal) is completely stateless with no operating system or drivers required because everything is bridged in hardware from the host. The Portal is completely maintenance-free (unlike a Thin Client).

Ask your friendly neighborhood OEM for a demonstration. Seeing is believing.



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