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Becoming Red Hat: Cloudera and Hortonworks' Big-Data death match


Hadoop is sooo oooold

Really. Batch? puhlease.


G-Cloud boss begs UK.gov wonks: 'Speak out against s**t IT'


onshore or offshore?

Nice one Chris. Sad to see you go. It's a good start. But there is a fly in this ointment.

The vast majority of contracts I've seen have "most economically advantageous terms" as the primary criteria.

Quality and UK TCO are not really measured, the suppliers effectively write and mark their own homework, and the deliverable is too widely defined to be SMART. So the gov gets exactly what they wanted. Cheap (though only in a narrow sense). The fact it is "shit" is irrelevant.

This behaviour is entrenched in the contractual and costing assumptions built into the process.

We are starting to see some public sector rationality in this space. I worry, however, that the budgetary guillotine, which ignores total cost to the taxpayer, will tend to discourage a change of practice. We shall see...



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