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Police deploy thin Bluetooth line

Simon Harrison

Shocking really

Well I've heard of bad press but this is a bit ridiculous.

I am the Chief Technology Officer of Innovation Leeds.

After reading this article I had to laugh really.

I am not sure where reporters get their facts from and who actually reads this stuff but this article was about as accurate as the Daily Sport, may aswell have put a few half naked woman in the banners!

For clarity:

The messages are not spammed and conform to the relevant legislation. All phone ID's are detected and the messages are either accepted or rejected (user choice). Regardless of the decision, a message will not be sent more than once to any one device. No personal data is recorded from the phones (before you ask).

I guess we will always have sceptics that say that the problem is with the state of the Country, etc. It's easy to stand on the sidelines throwing the stones; this of course really helps to solve the problem!

The phase 1 solution has cost next to nothing to develop and deploy, if it makes a slight difference in raising the awareness of crime then I for one will at least feel like I have made a difference. If for some reason it doesn't, we haven't blown loads of tax payer’s money. If phase 1 is a great success then phase 2 will see some significant spend on an infrastructure solution, however this will only happen if phase 1 is successful. We shall see in good time.

Maybe I'll think about getting a job writing witty articles about subjects that I have picked up from other press releases and no nothing about - insert witty pun here ............

Read the real articles here:




Yes, it's not going to solve all our issues with crime, but every little helps as they say!



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