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Moore's Law has ten years to run, predicts physicist

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Aye, those were t'days. Real programmers wrote code by candlelight with rusty t' soldering iron, on motherboard made out of sheeps bladder :)

Rolland Trolland

And not a moment too soon!

The horrific bloated slop that passes for code these days is an embarrassment to anyone of pre GUI age.

Maybe when / if a processor cap appeared Moores law could be continued (in a fashion) by people dumping some of these lazy libraries and putting a bit more thought into their code so that the processor is actually doing something useful and not merely navigating it's way around excessive layers of pointless abstraction!


Google founders, James Cameron, go asteroid mining

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Re: Now all they need to invent...

...hardly seems worth it. Now smuggling Slaves and Narcotics, that's where the real money is..



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