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Purpose of RFID finally discovered: It's for pairing up socks!

Black Helicopters

From FaceBook to SockBook

Since most privacy-aware people would never accept carrying an NFC tracking device (e.g. on his ID card/passport), why not devise a way to have the geeks wear them and be proud of them? I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future all kinds of shops gave the socks (or other NFC-enabled clothing items) away as "gifts", since in the long term it would allow the global tracking the owner of the credit card that made the purchase.

An additional benefit is that sock NFC detectors can be embedded in the floor and not be visible. Sniffing socks has acquired a whole new meaning.

First thing Monday morning, I'm going to patent a new generation of shoes lined with tinfoil and gain millions by just licensing the patent!


Behind Facebook's $1bn Instagram antitrust dodge



Facebook's case is precisely like Greece's: Nobody dares to challenge it (i.e. order Greece to exit the Euro), or the "unsellable papers" bubble will bust .

In addition, the powers to be want to keep their free and undisturbed access to the infinite amount of FB user data/content, just like every country, oil company and their dog want access to Greece's vast gas, oil and mineral resources.

Now, won't everybody just kindly STFU, these are big boys' games and nuisances like antitrust claims (or upcoming elections) can't and won't scratch the surface of the big picture.



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