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One week left before US faces clamp down on piracy

Are the British Coming??!!??

These companies can blow themselves

As far as I'm concerned......Comcast has better Internet than Verizon. They both are a pain in the ass to deal with. I can't seem to upload much more than 100KB/s.....I'm tired of seeing the same damn commercials FiOS versus Xfinity. Screw your BS marketing. Both companies need to come by and clean up their wired mess that's a dangling eye sore, but they're more concerned with television that I don't watch or want and telephone service that is fucking pathetic. 60 dollars a month Verizon charges and I can't make a "long Distance" call. This is not 1912....

what up england?


Open Government Partnership talks tech-led transparency

Are the British Coming??!!??


They need to just stop. Stop writing legislation on legislation holding private meetings amongst the legislation on the legislation on the openness of the importance of the anonymity of the full disclosure of a person's private government public biography policy discussing something about this and that and still not getting it.

No more drug lords in SA. Stop picking our weeds. No more oil Prince. No more African warlords.

Pay attention to your poverty stricken cities.

Tobacco is done. Real talk. We have no voice.

Tell Facebook to take that crap to Ireland where you pay your taxes.

Feed your people and listen to them.

The Banks are basically malignant tumours at this point and I'm tired of the same crap every election.

Blue or Red.

Neither has really accomplished much.

Banks will not create jobs...Just stop.

Really.... world please keep us informed of what we can't see.

Thank you

United States' poor cities with plenty of crack-cocaine but not enough food.



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