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Pasce Minirig micro speaker



Hey thanks for the comments and interest. I'll just clear up some of your questions:

@Jai - The input impedance is high so in theory you could daisy chain a thousand. You might see some strange antenna effects, I don't think we will ever found out. The most we have done is 22 so far. That was fun!

@thomas k - yes I was hoping reg would take some photos. There are other reviews which show size reference. It fits in the palm of your hand if you hold it by the base.

@Jim 59 - I don't think there were ever any claims that it "sounds just like big ones" but the technology has moved on a lot since 1973. We believe its certainly the biggest sound you can currently get from a speaker this size.

@Jamie Kitson - It pulls 500ma from the USB so as not to overload your ports. It will always take a while to charge due to the large battery inside. You can actually charge it from 8V if you want a faster charge

@Oddb0d - Polycarbonite may indeed be used in Star Wars, polycarbonate is used in the Minirig.

@Random Coolzip - bigger speakers will indeed produce more bass. It's simple science. It's just whatever you feel comfortable carrying round.



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