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You can't say Go without Google – specifically, our little logo, Chocolate Factory insists


Re: Go away

I wander if you meant insecure or unsecure :)

Watching smut at work is bad but emailing it is just fine, says Oz court


Clearly, HR should periodically send mails around with examples of the types of smut which is considered offensive so there is no risk of anyone inadvertently circulating anything unacceptable.

Get ready for Europe's robo-butlers: Billions of €€€s pledged to electro-slave dream


I'd prefer a robot maid thanks

Kickstarter cup-rattling, light-dimming Internet of Stuff upstart takes on Sonos, Bose


Re: Nice tech, shame about the audio

You can get a Sonos box to drive your own speakers directly and another

which will feed into your own amp.

I have the latter feeding into the aux input of my Yamaha digital piano.

Also some play 3 speakers in another room.

Maybe not hifi but easily good enough sound for my needs.

Satya Nadella shakes up Microsoft, appoints 'Scroogled' man Mark Penn as strategy chief


Do they mean SWOT:

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?

Microsoft touts SCROOGLE merch: Hopes YOU'LL PAY to dump on rival



how about a Microshafted T shirt or mug

Be prepared... to give heathens a badge: UK Scouts open doors to unbelievers


Scout Law?

Is this the scout equivalent of Sharia law?

Are they setting up there own courts and bypassing proper judicial proceedings?

Symantec snaps up PasswordBank, touts SSO logins to biz


Hmmm SSO?

Cant see it replacing the post it note on my keyboard

Jokes of no more than 2 lines


There are only 10 types of programmer

those that understand binary and those that don't

OFFICIAL: Humans will only tolerate robots as helpful SLAVES


I'd be quite happy giving orders to a (sufficiently attractive) robot slave.

Are they available from Amazon yet?

Throwing arms let humans rise above poo-flinging apes to play cricket


Interesting how the merkin guys also like to play netball and

have to wear helmets and padding for a game of football.

However the true culmination of millions of years of evolution is clearly the

moder darts player.

Young blokes blinded by video-game addiction: THE FACTS


Have yet to get a call to join the winter olympic squad though


Ho about other simulation games?

I used to play SSX tricky PS2 snowboarding game a lot but worried that if presented with a

sudden crisis when boarding in real life I might leap of a huge cliff expecting to bounce of the rocks

and survive.

Oracle wants another go at Google over Android Java copyrights


Top Tip (c) Viz

I believe publishers of maps and log tables sometimes introduce small deliberate mistakes in their work so that they can recognise when others copy them.

Just like how teachers can spot pupils copying each others homework.

So if only we could identify any bugs/flaws in Java then we could easily prove if Google copied any of Sun/Oracles bugs into Android!

Google, Amazon, Starbucks are 'immoral' and 'ridiculous' over UK tax


Surely the people at fault are the law makers not the businesses.

If you make laws that allow tax to be legally avoided you shouldn't be surprised that

companies choose to arrange their affairs to minimise their tax.

Businesses are obliged to make as much money as possible for their shareholders.

Freesat downs own website after Downton quickie


Have just quit sky as am not interested in sport and dont rate the other Sky content.

Freesat has all the channels I used to watch for 99% of the time on Sky anyway.

Used to like sky history channel but that now shows stuff which i dont consider to be history.

e.g. Ice Road Truckers.

Also object to having my news spoilt by lots of rubbish sports results.

If they have a sports channel they should keep the sports "news" on that.

Woz: Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'


Joni said it best

i've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow, it's cloud illusions i recall, ...

Larry vs Larry: Oracle and Google in courtroom smackdown


Good point P.Lee

What is the exact definition of mobile?


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