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French operator pooh-poohs iOS4


not much fun on the 3g

Fair play to the french for admitting there's a problem.

No idea about the 3gs, but it absolutely crippled my 8gb 3G , it went from responding to commands instantly to being incredibly sluggish and hanging a hell of a lot.Nothing better than not being able to answer a call because the phone has waited 15 seconds to recognize that you've swiped the screen. The only "fix" I can find (bar downgrading which isnt that straightforward to do as far as I've seen) is to reset (home and top button) twice in a row , once a day (possibly there's some sort of cache clearance going on there,I've no idea why but its seems to work , at least for a while.

ifI didnt know better I''d assume Apple were recommending an update that knackers their 'older but still on sale until fairly recently 'model to force people to start upgrade to a newer model? But they'd never do that ....right?


Rare NES title takes $43,000 at auction



Wonder if the timing of this sale is related to this one from a few weeks back?


ORIGINAL NINTENDO GAME SYSTEM LOT/ CONTROLLER/ 5 GAMES (which included stadium events) , which went for $13k making it a bargain by comparison.


Yorkshire man wakes up Irish after brain surgery


Not again.

Hang ...partially brain damaged Englishmen thinking they're Irish and talking in woeful stage oirish accents? This is Dexys Midnight Runners all over again..


PS3 overtakes Wii in Japan

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@Shane McCarrick

"Ps- No shortage of Wii's here in Dublin either........"



As far as I'm aware theres a MASSIVE shortage here.

(A quick squint at boards.ie (irish gaming site)'s nintendo section shows a rake of ",,I cant find a wii anywhere posts ")

No games shop in Dublin/Cork seems to have the damn things, and I know at least 4 people who just cant get hold of one and are having to fall back at paying well over the odds buying one online from the likes of komplett??


'I'll be back' is most-quoted movie line


"Beam me up Scotty"

Prepare of deluge of trekkies (me included) that'll point out that , that particular phrase was never actually uttered on Star Trek.


Iran's 'Rescue Nuke Scientist' game battles US game studio


RE:RE: Refreshing Change

Its worth noting that the MEC faction Chris Pasiuk mentions is in Battlefield2 is the fictional Middle East Coalition (MEC),sort of a united arabian states if you like.Not exactly the same as playing as Iraq/Iran or anything.


Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge


RE: Blizzard designed WoW to be a farmers heaven

@ Michael Miller::I'm assuming you mean BOP rather than BOE right?

(for those that care ,BOE=Bind on equip,BOP=Bind on Pickup, i.e. that when you kill an Orc or whatever and loot it's corpse , that the "Mace of Badger smiting" you get can only be used by you , and can't be sold on to another player.An in game shop keeper will give you a few pennies for it though).

I'm a W.o.W. player (I have a life though , honest!).

There is a crazy amount of Bots/gold farming/gold selling going on in-game.

Following gold farming bots around is quite interesting for a while .Very easy to spot too ,They're nearly always one class:Hunter, they've always got the same pet : a boar , usually given the imaginative name: :"Boar", and you can see the AI "working" as they run into walls/trees/rocks etc , and turn in the opposite direction and run back.

They're very easy to kill too , which is fun for a little while.

For anyone still reading this and who actually wants to see one , there's a series of movies on youtube called "Chronicles of the Goldfarmer " which features a player following them (bots) around.

The 20 odd whispers you get from goldselling bots (usually "buy gold from site blah blah")when you log in though IS annoying though.

Blizzard have recently implemented a low tech "grass up a goldseller" function (My words not theirs) which allows users to flag other players as goldsellers and get them banned.Its open to abuse though , so expect the "World of Warcraft"

population to plummet , as 14 year old players get all their mates banned.For a laugh.



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