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Intel demos real-time code compression for die shrinkage, power saving


Re: Begs the question

It is my understanding they do that too. Flabby x86 is expanded into multiple uops that are scheduled independently ..

On another note, 20,000 gates? I've seen entire 32-bit cores in less than that!

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review


Re: References to GW2

It sounds like you gave up on the game about a few weeks ago or so, and that you are completely ignoring developments since then.

I have personally not yet seen a botter; I've only seen recent statements about multiple-thousands of accounts terminated for botting. It looks like Anet was waiting and banning in batches, in industry standard practice (so that botters don't find out what triggered the bans).

The invisibility in WvW was acknowledged as a bug and patched two days later, together with an in-depth discussion about why this was happening.

The 'End-game' is only lacking if you expect the game to turn into something else just because you hit 80. It is the same game all the way through, pretty much like GW1 (where max level in no way signalled the end of content or even a change in content).

The game does have problems, bugs, and issues (necro skill bugs come to mind) but it is nowhere as bad as you make out. And they have just pulled off one of the most memorable holiday events I've seen in an MMO.

WoW, on the other hand, does look a bit stale in comparison, and I know which game I'd rather play tonight. I find the review pretty much spot on.

Guild Wars 2 game review

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There's the usual complaint about 'lack of endgame content'; but what most people miss is that the level counter, in this game, is just a arbitrary number fixed at a cap of 80. even after that, you keep getting XP and skill points as you level further. In a sense, the entire game is the same as the 'levelling' part - which just about everyone agrees is fun as it is.

Most certainly not a game where rushing to level 80 is mandatory. Just sit back, slow down, and have fun. I know WoW trained us all to rush, but this isn't WoW, and it shows. Play it for fun, not as a job.

WTF is... Li-Fi?


There seems to be some misconception about 'the lamp needs to be shining bright' for this to work. This is not, in fact, the case - it's well possible to dim the light down very low indeed and still get data across. In fact, data transmission should be easier in a dark room - less interference. But even in full sunlight, a dim lamp will be able to transmit data without it being visibly 'on'.

The question isn't the data rate you can cram into the visible spectrum - it's hundreds of THz wide - but avoiding interference from all the other bulbs, and also feeding data to the sockets.

Most anticipated videogames of 2012 revealed


PC games

Because, really, consoles is not all there is to 'videogames'. even now.

I was looking forward to being told about titles i may find interesting, but even the ones I thought would be on the list (GW2, HL3?, ) weren't. And not even a word about how the MMO battle is heating up (which is an interesting topic all by itself, which I'd love to see some commentary about).

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