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HotLink's SuperVisor hooks deeper into VMware

Oded Haner

CTO, HotLink

I'm just now updating a HotLink video on http://www.hotlink.com/technology/demo.html where you can see the difference between the HotLink’s platform transformation approach and the traditional overlay management approach (e.g. Abiquo, SCVMM ...etc.). In a nut shell, with HotLink VMware vCenter is extended to NATIVELY manage other hypervisors and NO other management is required - vCenter is the only console. We are not dependent on VMware or other APIs and have attacked this bottoms up through our agnostic data model. I'd like to invite the readers to my webinar this coming Wednesday http://www.hotlink.com/news/eventview.php?id=243 where I will talk more about this very topic.



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