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Venezuela to shift clocks half an hour


Of course, you're not a right-wing toady, Mr. Baines...

Venezuelan "dictator" Hugo Chavez, eh?

If you care, Mr. Baines, to peruse the results for each of

the elections which Chavez has stood in (y'know, the one's

that a US supported coup tried to overthrow) you'll see

his mandate dwarfs that of George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

At the last general election, four out of five of the

electorate did NOT vote for your Tory Bliar and his

Neo-Labour government - did you ever slander him as a

dictator? No, I thought not. Funny that.


Ebuyer in hard-drive warranty debacle


My OEM CPU from Ebuyer turned out to be second-hand

My OEM CPU from Ebuyer turned out to be

second-hand -- heatsink imprint, TIM remnants

etc., Not only that, it was the wrong speed

and arrived rattling around loose in a scruffy

package with sellotape dangling from it.

Complained and returned it for replacement only

to have the whole episode repeated !

(No whisper of delivery refund in either case.)

Other 'OEM' items I've had from them have also

shown signs of dubious provenance.

Retail items they've been okay with (so far).



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