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Brexit threatens Cornish pasty's racial purity


Re: Swings and Roundabouts (EUromyths).

How many of these myths can be traced back to Boris (I've invented more EUromyths than you've eaten bars of vegelate*) Johnson

* "Yeah that was mine, when I was working for the Torygraph in Brussels" said BJ

Digital ad biz is fraudulent by design, complain big brands


Re: Pot meet Kettle

Are we allowed to use the word "black" now? Isn't the kettle now "of colour"

HR botches redundancy so chap scores year-long paid holiday


It wasn't me, unfortunately

In the early '90s I was included in a group who were getting the brown envelopes. Redundant on December 31st.

The generous financial package varied depending on years served with a big jump at the 10 year mark. Which at the time was probably giving a total of more than a years salary tax free.

One colleague was asked "Could you come back in February to give the training course scheduled then?". "Only if you defer redundancy until after the course." was the reply, and agreed to.

Total service went from 9 years 11 months to 10 years 1 month.

UK digital minister denies legal right to 10Mbps is 'damp squib'


Gravy train

"We will keep under review, we do not want to leave people on 10Mbps in 10 years' time when they might need 100Mbps," he said.

Does this mean the network will have to be upgraded from FTTC to FTTP and give BT even more dosh?

A UK-wide fibre broadband investment plan? Don't ask awkward questions


Re: it amazes me..

"I get 75Mb down and 20Mb up with the last mile over copper"

Do tell me your secret. I can only get 10Mb down and 0.3Mb up on FTTC because I am a mile from the cabinet.

As for 1Gb plus, who knows what may come in the next 20 years (8K video with no compression). How long ago were we all using 56K dialup?

Small broadband firms aren't fussed about getting access to BT's ducts and poles


I've said it before but I'll say it again.

The British broadband infrastructure should be treated in the same way as setting up the National Grid in the '30s. Do it properly once rather, than the current system (mainly FTTC) which will require replacing in a few years time. FTTP should be the standard installation for all except those isolated locations where it is not physically possible.

Who knows what speed will be required in the future. Over the last 20 years I have gone from 56K dial up, to ISDN, ADSL and now FTTC. I only get 10 meg but it's enough, at the moment, for our two adult household as the main use is browsing and steaming catchup TV (e.g. BBC iPlayer).

'Apple ate my music!' Streaming jukebox wipes 122GB – including muso's original tracks


Re: CDs, how modern.


- Bovine Virus Diarrhoea

- Bureau van Dijk

- a brand of men's underwear

Google isn't the answer!

NZ government scraps e-voting trial


Been there, done that

A few years ago I voted online for the Ipswich (UK) council elections. They only did it once but it appeared to be more secure at the time compared to postal and/or proxy voting.

No more Nookie for Blighty as Barnes & Noble pulls out


Re: I have a local library ...

I use my local library online (Suffolk). Just about all the books I've read on my Kobo Touch came from there, in ePub format.

Calibre is overkill for me as I only need a small utility to strip DRM. How else can you read LOTR (>1300 pages) or GOT (>4000 pages), single volume editions in the three week loan period.

Computer Science grads still finding it hard to get a job


Re: Thirty-five years ago...

Over Forty years ago I had a job lined up with International Computers Limited (remember them?) but the three day week put it on hold. I did start a few months later as part of their graduate intake. There weren't may computer related degrees amongst the starters and one or two were mildly upset when they found out I didn't have a degree.

It was the right aptitude that was required then and should be now. One of the most productive programmers I have come across over the years was an ex bank manager who had had an enforced career change.

Boffins smear circuitry onto contact lenses


Re: Application?

I am old enough to remember when laser was described as a solution looking for a problem.

Nest thermostat owners out in the cold after software update cockup


Re: Nest already outdated

That's what I'm going to install, not cheap though.

In the mid '80s the magazine "Electronics Today International" had a project for a central heating controller. The controller had multiple temperature sensors including one outside the house to determine when to turn on the boiler to reach the correct temperature at the desired time.

"What goes round comes around"

Connected smart cars are easily trackable, warns infosec bod


Re: "taking note of license plates"

What's a license plate?

My car has two number plates, one at the front and one at the back.

A font farewell to Fontdeck as website service closes


Font (Fount)?

Can someone enlighten me as to when font usurped typeface.

Irish electricity company threatens to cut off graveyard


Is this the ultimate Kerryman joke?

Trouble brewing as iThing coffee machine seems to be hackable


Re: Do NOT want

"I kind of get a central heating system I can control from my mobile phone when I am out but the advantages/savings are outweighed tenfold by the cost of the gear."

If you mean the Nest/Hive "Smart" controllers I ask how often do you adjust your non smart timer/thermostat?

The Evohome type system is much more controllable and much more expensive, but has the potential of far greater savings.

Most developers have never seen a successful project


Re: Shiny new object/methodology syndrome

If the project is High Profile, has "challenging" timescales and uses something new (hardware or software) it will fail.

Ex-Microsoft craft ale buffs rattle tankard for desktop brewery


Will it fit...

on the shelf next to the bread maker you no longer use.

SatNad failure as Lumia income drops over 50% at Microsoft


So there's no sense in Microsoft duking it out in the budget volume segment

Could someone translate that into British English.

OED definition of duking makes no sense

Urban Dictionary makes no sense either but definitely NSFW

Joining the illuminati? Just how bright can a smart bulb really be?


Re: @DougS -- cart before horse

@Mark 85

I'm deaf and our front door has a cast iron knocker. It's effing loud, much louder than the dingly dong electrickery ones. No batteries to replace, and not affected by power cuts.

Euro telly bods say 'non' to spectrum sharing with mobiles


MUX Raking

"After 2020, there'll only be space for six multiplexes, rather than the eight we have at the moment."

There are only 6 currently transmitted from Sudbury, so no change there.

A quick look at digitaluk.co.uk revealed that only "QVC+1 HD" and "QVC Beauty HD" are broadcast on COM8 so there's nothing to lose on that one.

Visitors no longer welcomed to Scotland's 'Penis Island'


Re: apparently...

Unlike "Pogue Mahone" which was deliberately designed to be phonetically like "póg mo thóin", as the original band name of The Pogues.

Why do driverless car makers have this insatiable need for speed?


Re: The end of any driving pleasure


"See Colin Chapmans book"

I know the post was a long time ago but what book are you referring to?

More UK broadband for bumpkins, but have-nots still ain’t happy


Infinity and b...


Is Business Infinity different from Domestic Infinity?

If it's less then 15Mbps Domestic FTTC is not called Infinity. BT only offer me Faster Broadband for my 9.5Mbps connection.

German prosecutor given Das Boot over Netzpolitik treason charge


Re: what ship? I see no ship

Just another example proving that Jennifer Baker should stick to English, especially after the rude French last week.

Nokia sells HERE maps to Audi, Daimler and BMW for €2.8 billion


What about other manufacturers?

The built in satnav in my Toyota uses Here map data and most likely the full navigation software as well. What will happen to non Germanic cars?

Biometric behavioural profiling: Fighting that password you simply can't change


Re: As Mr Scott said....

So you have a password with a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters. It was created on a PC with a full keyboard but you want to enter on a laptop or even a smartphone.

What is Shift-6? Or worse what is Shift-2, Apple UK it's @, but PC UK it's ".

Kobo Glo HD vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Which one's best?


Recently updated the firmware on my Kobo Touch so it now has all the functionality of the Glo, apart from the light. The process was really simple: connect to wifi, click on the sync button and wait. I didn't time it but it was seconds rather than minutes.

Most of my books come from Suffolk library (even when I was on holiday in New Zealand). I do have one pdf file on it, the manual for my camera, as the small page format does not cause any problems.

Entertaining prospect: Amazon Fire TV Stick


Catchup TV

Which streaming devices give direct access to the 4 main catchup/on demand services, i.e BBC iPlayer ITV Player, all4 (nee 4OD) and Demand 5?

Roku devices do but not Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV...

My 4OD app has automatically updated to all4.

What an eyeful: Apple's cut price 27in iMac with Retina Display


Upgrade your RAM?

Had a look at Apple UK for upgrade prices.

Standard RAM

8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB

Upgrade options

16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x8GB [+ £160.00]

32GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 4x8GB [+ £480.00] (How do they calculate that price?)

Crucial offer

16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x8GB for £86.39 inc. VAT

So do a user memory upgrade to 32 GB for little more than Apple's 16GB and get to keep the original 8GB

Maserati Ghibli S: Who cares what Joe Walsh thinks?


No,no,no, keep the curly haired supercilious git well away from here!

Singapore to trial 10Gbps home broadband


Re: Just one question

Let's add a couple of misquotes to the mix

"I think there is a world market for about five computers"

"640 K ought to be enough for anybody"

NHS Scotland to refresh creaking, 25-year-old apps


Re: Can't be too hard

Did you miss the word "Mainframe"?

Upper house of Parliament joins the drone debate


Re: What's the difference...

When did "Government" actually know anything useful about "technology"?

Super SSD tech: Fancy a bonkers 8TB all-flash PC?



When will SSDs go native? At the moment they just emulate HDs, so could we get speed increases by getting rid of the emulation?

I gave up caring about Direct Access when I left ICL in 1979. Perhaps it's time to resurrect the concept.

A truly SHOCKING tale of electrified PCs


Re: An odd one worth remembering

In the early 80's I had a house where live and neutral had been wired the wrong way round at the fuse board. Before removing, the expensive to run, electric hot air central heating unit I got a "sparky" friend round to check what I was about to do. He rectified the problem before I did any more work.

Swift gets swifter: Apple updates its new programming language


Which is best?

I've been in the business an awfully long time now and came to the conclusion years ago. The best language is one that you know well and does the job.

I first came across ObjectiveC in the mid '90s as it was the best at the time for developing cross platform software (Win3/95, NT, OS/2, Apple, Solaris and other Unix variations). A pain to test and the development team churned out software at a phenominal rate.

Preserve the concinnity of English, caterwauls American university


Re: I'd settle...

Don't forget

their, they're and there

your, you're, yaw (and yore)

Plus over 400 more examples at http://www.singularis.ltd.uk/bifroest/misc/homophones-list.html

Toyota to Tesla: we can play the free patent game as well


Re: Could be useful

Fuel Cell cars are electric cars!

BT to gobble EE for £12.5bn – BTEE phone home


Re: Well that's just great news!

"The fact BT insist on charging me extra because I refuse to pay by direct debit when they won't give me a chance to see my bill before they take my money if I do."

If you pay by DD the vendor must tell you in advance what they are going to take. I get emails from a number of companies telling me a few days in advance what they are going to charge.


Four tuner frenzy: The all-you-can-EEat TV Freeview PVR



I'm confused! Their website states:

We are deeply sorry but Wuaki.tv is not available in your country.

Wireless Power standards are like Highlanders: There can be only ONE


What about the big stuff?

I thought the article would be about wireless power standards in general, not just pocket ephemera.

No need to plug in electric cars if they can be charged by induction. I believe there are some buses that can do this already (but is there a standard method).

Too 4K-ing expensive? Five full HD laptops for work and play


What do Apple use? Apart from the £1999 15-inch MacBook Pro they use Intel integrated graphics.

Broadband sellers in the UK are UP TO no good, says Which?


Re: Substantial majority

To be called Superfast it must provide download speeds in excess of 24 Mbps.

Has anybody looked at the BT website recently? Select the Broadband option and there is a very large prompt to see what speed BT Infinity you can get. Enter Postcode and land line number and it returns the predicted speed range. For me it is 9Mb - 14Mb so not called BT Infinity (or Superfast) but I'm getting about 8.5Mb last time I checked, which is better than 3Mb ADSL I had before.

Who needs hackers? 'Password1' opens a third of all biz doors


Mobile phone password issue

So you have a password based on a phrase, using simple number substitution, e.g. s becomes 5.

On a computer keyboard use Shift+5 for upper case S. Then you get a nice new phone and have to enter the password. What is the character you type for Shift+5?

Answer: It's % but how many people know the ten characters used on the numeric keys, and some are different depending on language and machine, " and @ are transposed on Macs compared to PCs in the UK

Gov.uk's broadband boast: Superfast fibre piped to 1 million Brits

Thumb Down

A another government sponsored project "done on the cheap" but costing a lot of money. The whole thing should have been tackled in the same way as setting up the National Grid. It should be considered a national asset not a BT goldmine.

Tesla's top secret gigafactories: Lithium to power world's vehicles? Let's do the sums



"and thus bring his electro cars down from eye-watering to merely expensive"

Tesla Model S starts at about £50k, BMW M5 starts at about £73k

Microsoft’s 'FIRST NOKIA' arrives at £89


Re: is it just me...

The iPhone 5C colours look sort of Nokia Lumia 520/620 territory to me

Danes debut Bluetooth-connected 'made for iPhone' hearing aids


Bluetooth has been a power hog, which is the main reason it is not incorporated in hearing aids.The batteries on my NHS supplied hearing aids last between 13 and 14 days, 4 to 5 would be a retrograde step.

I don't worry about losing them as they are usually hanging on my ears, unless I am washing or in bed.

iPhone5 and later all have a HAC rating of M4/T4 rating so no accessories required. My Nokia Lumia 620 works fine with aids in place.

Microsoft hires Pawn Stars to shaft Google


Re: Really hardcore computer users don't use linux or windows

Who is old enough to remember the Singer/ICL System Ten? No operating system on that box.


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