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Gov cockup on £1bn mega buying framework slams SMEs in wallet

Frank Oliver Green

Bravo Francis Maude

We are one of the SME suppliers who are caught up in this mess. It has cost us a small fortune to bid for this framework as so many people (including top tier management and consultants) were pulled off revenue generating work to complete the application proces. As the person in charge of this I have written several stern emails with only canned responses with directly copied and pasted extracts fromt he original email you refer to. The travesty is the framework we were applying for is made up of 10 suppliers who are global blue chips who've now had their carte blanche to charge the government what they like extended for a year and a half beyond the original framework expiry date. their execs will be hand wringing and back patting with glee. Bravo Francis Maude!!!


Can SMEs score those big gov contracts?

Frank Oliver Green

pretty boring article.

The posts on this article are the most insightful and interesting element of this piece! Firstly Mr Keegan tries to tackle a subject that is obviously dear to his heart without wanting to sound biased but instead has come across as boring and a fence sitter and has delivered nothing new or insightful in the slightest. Govt want to give SME's more business but they can't/won't because its risky and not how things work. Well done.

Fujitsu have historically had some extremely juicy HMG service contracts (£40 mouse.. anyone?) and I no doubt Mr Keegan wants to keep those but still keep in with Maudy et al. at the Civil Service and toe the "more business for SME's" line...maybe if everyone at HP/IBM/Fujitsu/CSC etc...talk about it enough the Govt will think they're actually subbing out work to SME's. who knows!


G-Cloud rep: We'll mop up data breach flood with red tape

Frank Oliver Green

Security Accreditation - The fuss!

I work for a CESG Listed Advisor Scheme (CLAS) Security Consultancy and we've seen a raft of people come to us for assistance with this. It's not easy and straighfroward because security is complex by its very nature.

It concerns me that people just don't understand the risks from poor information security and governance. G-Cloud encouraged SME's and made it easier than other frameworks to get onto but then stung them with this, I think they could have been far more transparent at the outset about the costs and resource requriements for accreditation.



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