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Vile Twitter trolls thrown in the cooler for rape abuse tweet spree


Re: Trolls or Near Brain Dead Wanaby Thugs?

The abuse from the criminals and others vile people were not puerile, did you actually read them? Threatening to cut them open with scissors, to pass them round their friends, to blow them up and to wait outside their house (and posted an address, thankfully an old one) and attack them. That's not puerile. It was relentless from lots and lots of nasty people. But you're saying that if you dare to have an unpopular opinion on social media you should have to put up with that, or shut up?

If someone says that to you on the street you can report them to the Police and they would at least expect a little visit. Why on earth should any other medium be different? You think it's okay to threaten people online as long as they behave on the street? How on earth can you even think the victims (those with a high profile or otherwise) are to blame because idiots can't play nicely?


Re: Rule No. 1

Let me explain the issue here, since you obviously are obviously having trouble.

When was the last time you saw a poster saying "don't rape" or "don't mug"? And yet we see posters all the time telling women not to get drunk, not to get into unlicensed taxis, to walk home with a friend. No, you shouldn't have to defend yourself but since you do then at least spend as much time telling people not to commit crimes as you spend telling potential victims to stay in, or stay sober, or to stay worried.

Oh, and the statistics tell us that most rapes are not carried out by the stranger hiding in the shadows, they are carried out by people the women know. So, you can leave the hit chick alone and stop stalking her in the town centre.


Re: Would it be too much...

So wrong in so many ways.

Need the reference to the study I'm afraid because it's smelling a little like BS, and you are just hoping such a study exists. You did see this right (http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/14/man-sets-up-fake-online-dating-profile-pretending-to-be-a-woman-but-quits-two-hours-later-due-to-harassment-and-hostility-4262185/) and this was on a site where you'd think men would be trying to impress not offend, and even a man found it too much. Please do send references where women have abused men to the same degree.

The female victims were targeted by the criminals and other vile people just because they dared to open their mouth. Remember they were sent really vile threats and abuse whether they responded to trolls or not. The issue is why people feel the need to send abuse and threats, not that recipients should suck it up and shut up. The abusers want to silence the recipients, do you approve of censoring people for their politely expressed opinions then?

And as for the BoE, they have a policy to ensure there was gender balance represented on the bank notes and they did not appear to be following it. Since half the population is female and don't spend it indoors making the evening tea, they should also be represented on our notes, don't you agree? That isn't opposing opportunity, that's just pointing out to the BoE that they need to follow their own policy.

Snap-happy blogger babe posts catcalling blokes' mugshots online


Re: It must get really, really boring

You know, I don't know if I'm just becoming more repulsed by your justifications or you are just blossoming and allowing us to see more of the inner workings of the Khaptain mind.

"If thats the only way in which some people can gain attention from others then so be it.

>Then again, perhaps they don't have a pair big enough to walk over and introduce themselves in a civilized manner that isn't threatening.

Not all men were born Casanovas"

Let me give you a little advice from a woman (I know, in real life we talk at a frequency you can't hear so you never listen, but perhaps you may read) - calling out anything to a woman (apart from "watch out you're about to get run over!") is not a successful or acceptable way to get her attention and particularly not to chat her up. We will look at you as if you are a creep (for that is what you are) and every orifice will close up to prevent any possible contamination from such a slimy git.

There, advice over, continue...

"I do not particulary condone the behaviour of the CatCallers but I certainely do not condone the behaviour of the PC brigade that would rather stifle anything that remotely resembles some harmelss fun.."

Ah, so if it's fun for you it's okay, but if it's not fun for us we have to shut up because we're the PC Brigade? Really?


Re: It must get really, really boring

Strewth....a Daily Mail reader personified. It must be exhausting rationalising your behaviour like this, despite people telling you that your assumptions are wrong :-

1) No-one has said that men don't get sexually harrassed - it's on a very different scale to that experienced by women but is still relevant. This article is about a women calling out men though. Stay on topic.

2) This sort of harassment (calling out names, insiduous touching up, groping, whistling, etc) happens at any time if the day. When you're feeling rough with a hangover, on the bus, in a dark alley, at night, in nightclubs, anywhere and everywhere. You are the one applying limits.

3) Since complicated words are confusing you, let's call it all harrassment, since that's what it is. It includes whistling, touching, groping and the shouting out of actions or even parts

4) Yes, read Everyday Sexism (have you bothered?) and you'll see every age of women and every type of woman has been affected in one way or another. Don't make assumptions. This isn't just about someone tottering along in a short skirt and high heels, it's going to the corner shop in no make-up and trackie bottoms, it's in school uniforms, it's while holding your child's hand.

5) No, groping is not out of context, it's right in the middle of the context. I know so many women who will say they were on the bus or tube and thought they might have been touched up (or had body parts pressed against them unncessarily) but they were so shocked that they tried to convince themselves it hadn't really happened because civilised people don't behave like that. But they do.

6) Yes timid people get shouted at, as do mouthy ones, and old oens and young ones, and those with big boobs and those with small boobs, it is never ending. Stop trying to tell us what happens, try listening!

Lsten, for once, just bloody listen and stop trying to convince yourself that your behaviour is acceptable.


Re: It must get really, really boring

Nice comment but can I just point out that this doesn't affect just timid women. It affects young girls, old women, brave and mouthy women too. But while you are pondering about the day's work, or thinking about your elderly granny, or even if just trying to cross the road and some git shout something out, or gropes you on the bus we can all be knocked back into shock and silence.

It's geneuinely shocking to hear some of the comments, but it can be physically shocking to have a strangre shouting at you (regardless of content) and you mentally reel, and even the quickest of us can dry up with a smart retort because of fear or shock.


Re: It must get really, really boring

I'm pretty sure Rosey is speaking for most women, pretty much certain it's most women you'll ever meet. You are setting back male evolution decades with your sad, sad attempt attempt at justifying shouting things at women.

"CatCalling = non-acceptable

? = acceptable"

Nothing, nothing is acceptable to shout out at women. You may not have evolved past Orang Utan but most of us high functioning men and women can manage whole hours at a time without feeling the need to bellow out across the street to someone about their pert arse or where I'd like to stick my tongue.


Re: It must get really, really boring

Please....please tell me there aren't a whole pile of these offensive posts from you all the way down this thread. These techniques are not usually successful. Or at least they are only successful in making young girls and women worried, grimy and depressed about some of the men in this country. Don't worry, we've already written you off as a waste of space and DNA.


Re: It must get really, really boring

The calls are not aimed at you, perhaps that is why you don't recognise any "territorial claim, group bonding, and intimidation/threat " in that. But, unless you are working to help reduce them it doesn't matter what you think, it's what it feels like to have them made to you. *You* are not the important one here, sorry to break the news.


Re: It must get really, really boring

Are you a woman? No? Then you don't get to decide what is demeaning or not, regardless of your intentions. Thsi is not unncessarily PC, believe me. Try reading Everyday Sexism to see the degree and the never ending stream of comments, calls, gropes, pathetic, creepy offensive behaviour. In fact, try being a woman for a day and then you get to decide what it feels like to have soemone wind down their window and shout out "nice tits love", or to be told in a meeting your momentary lack of recall is a "blonde moment".

This woman is not doing more damage than these creepy men, but your response doesn't do anything for your gender.

Google backs gallery of computer-crazed female boffinry at Bletchley Park


Re: Quotas


If there were absolutely no gender bias (both conscious and unconscious) in society then your utopian world might be achievable. However, parents, teachers, employers, media, board members all exert a bias which is partly why there is imbalance "at the top".

This article wasn't actually about quotas though. It was about acknowledging that women have already played key parts in our computing history and also providing a set of role models for young girls to see and follow if they want. How many men end up doing a job they've never see another man do?



Re: Less Women at Top Rung Maybe a Good Thing & Education is a Luxury.

I sense you have something you want to get off your Chest, Craigness. Pull up a chair, tell us about it, sounds fascinating.

Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying


Re: Go girl ......

Oooh, someone has got some oedipus issues. And interesting that you felt the need to state that Anonymous are all straight. Very important, so important you should have SHOUTED it.

Banknote campaigner's Twitter rape threats ordeal: Bloke, 21, cuffed


Re: Get rid of images of people

There was a campaign for a woman because the update in the notes meant that no woman was currently represented on any bank note (and no, the Queen does not count). It's all very well saying only use the best person regardless of gender, but who draws up the short list of candidates? If there are no women on the list they can't be considered for selection.

The Bank of England are bound to follow equality guidelines in their selection and to prove they do so - they didn't and can't so they caved in. That was the point of the case being taken to court. The fact it needed to go to court shows that the short lists are not fairly filled, hence the need for a campaign to ensure half the contributions of over hald the British population were recognised.



Re: Parallel parking in space

Ah, he's just jealous a mere woman is more capable than him.


Re: AC 12:20

And the women, don't forget the women!

Ex-CIA techie Edward Snowden: I am the NSA PRISM deepthroat


Re: Edward Snowden should get 2 Four Freedoms Medals

So, if a doctor or health authority was hiding excessive deaths due to a dodgy surgeon you'd be happy for all concerned to hide behind their contract of employment and feel no moral urgency to whistleblow? You do realise you don't sign away your soul when working for a company don't you? You still have moral duties a functioning member of society, dont you? Or are you a robot?

Facebook: Yeah, we'll ban chainsaw beheading vids - when journos call us


Alan Potter is clearly a sexist commentard

"It is clearly a sexist organisation and one that I would have expected any competent journalist to avoid"

Oh boy, where to start. You can tell a sexist organisation by its name now? And reporting examples of sexism is now sexist? If you had a heart (or even a brain!) you'd read further down their weboage and see the heartbreaking stories of women of all ages being groped and abused and screwed over, every single day, just as the name suggests. Why not give it a try before sharing your daft assumptions?

Perhaps the reason El Reg asked them for comment is that they have been trying to take on FB as well, pointing out that all the big names ads are appearing on to pages promoting/supporting rape and that have horrific videos of women being abused. But that's being sexist right?

Girl Geek Dinner lady: The IT Crowd is putting schoolgirls off tech


"How does evolution affect anything? Maths? Physics? Computing? Chemistry? Medicine? Biology? Architecture? Art? Communication?"

It affects a huge amount! If you believe that nothing you do makes much difference anyway because a magic hand will determine all outcomes then what is the point of trying to learn how to make a difference yourself? Steve Jones has made the comment about the number of post grads in his research area (biology/medicine) and about half now do not believe in evolution. If you are not in awe of how the human body has evolved and works and adapts then why bother studying it?

Pakistan blocks Twitter, then changes its mind


Re: Encouraging

But the Government didn't actually backdown from choice, according to the article, they backed down because Twitter wouldn't remove the tweets. Hardly a well thought out rational decision, more a case of accepting their fate I'd have thought.

Facebook button triggers tidal wave of human organs


I am sick of this "gift of life" propaganda

What on earth are you talking about ,you money grabbing fool. If you didn't donate your organs they would just go into the ground, or a burny fire, and be of absolutely no use at all and your family is bereaved. If you donate your organs your family has no additional suffering or costs.

In fact, I speak from experience, I am immensely proud that my brother's bits and pieces are now living on in several other bodies, saving lives. Why on earth should I get compensation for that? The letters from the Organ Donation Co-ordinateor, and even from the donors, telling me how their lives are now unmeasurably better, are more than anyone should need.

Sometimes, money is not the answer.

2,500 copycat hack attempts on abortion provider site – report


The Ten Scariest Places to Have Ladyparts in America

This article may be of interest to some of the feminists on here, who are doing a great job of defending democracy :-


With states governments from coast to coast working tirelessly to make sure no woman has sex for pleasure without suffering the consequences of blessed, precious motherhood, it may be tempting to believe that if you have a uterus, the entire country has become hostile territory. Well, we've got good news and bad news: The good news is that wherever you are, things could probably be much worse for your ladyparts. Unless, that is, you live in one of the ten scariest places to have ladyparts. The bad news is that these ten places exist.....

Dream:ON iPhone app-maker seeks sleepy fanbois for testing


Re: Science

Because that falls into the category of lucid dreaming, where you have real control over what you dream, and it's not that common.


Re: Some strange options available...

It's free!


Re: Some strange options available...

I attended the Science Festival talk (on the science of dreams) where the app was launched and the range of sound tracks included is in response to answers received by Prof Wiseman. He was expecting answers asking for soothing, relaxing themes but he received may requests for exciting, adventurous sounds as well, so that's why. And the app is free.

Watchdog sniffs David Beckham's wedding tackle



Dear El Reg,

Just reading this at 8.20am, surrounded by nerdy, slightly sweaty, poorly dressed men talking their normal inane dribble over their first coffee of the morning - the start of a normal day in engineering land. But now you've really brightened my morning with the delicious Becks (I'm trying hard to pretend the tatts aren't there).

I've sat through years of Reg posts and comments going on and on and on about Paris Hilton, and Bulgarian airbags, childish snigegrs, demeaning sexist comments and any excuse for any titilation and never once complained (unless some tosser gets really quite nasty). So, I assume this is the start of the deluge of partially dressed men to address the imbalance? If you are doing requests can you find an excuse to cover the new Bond film (50th anniversary perhaps), and include some Daniel Craig shots, please.

Ta very much


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