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Analysts see no Oracle hardware-biz recovery on horizon


Oracle had no interest in sales of general-purpose hardware

Asa former Sun->Oracle employee in the Java group, and who watched what happened during the takeover, I can tell you this:

Oracle had ABSOLUTELY ZERO interest in selling hardware as General Purpose computing. They bought Sun for the software (primarily Solaris and Java, though MyQSL was a side-benefit), and to have dedicate hardware to create "Super Appliances" on. This was completely obvious in the re-closing of Solaris with the subsequent change in Solaris support (All Pay, All the Time), and the major chopping of the hardware product lines.

Oracle is interested in selling turn-key solutions, which mean tightly integrated Hardware with Solaris with Java or OracleDB, all tuned to the Nth degree. That's what they're selling, and that's it.

Too bad, since Sun kit was actually really nice (the x86 stuff was significantly superior in features to anyone else, and was cost-competitive, while the T-class stuff was interesting for certain niche things), and OpenSolaris actually had a pretty bright future.

If you're running Sun hardware with Solaris nowadays, if you're not looking to move off it in the next year, you deserve what's going to happen to you - orphaned and screwed, and paying a vast fortune to Oracle to "support" that legacy stuff, since there's no (Oracle) replacement.

The Oracle appliance things (Exa* and ZFS Storage) are nice, though. Costly, but nice...



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