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Dear Tesla, stop calling it autopilot – and drivers are not your guinea pigs

Bertie D'astard

I LOVE my Tesla Model S, and I DO use the auto-pilot feature regularly as an intelligent assist function, but do not abdicate the responsibility of having to be in control. This is the best and smartest car I have ever owned and driven and absolutely love it, and look forward to continuous software updates that bring new and advanced features all the time. This is the first car I have owned that improves the longer I own it.

But like all technology, mis-use or abuse, and you're headed for trouble. This is very sophisticated technology, and it requires the user to be smart enough to work with it.

EU graciously lets Dutch splurge €33m on 'leccy car charger network

Bertie D'astard

Re: Home chargers?

The problem I had is my private drive is so long it was a question of how to get the cable from the west wing of the house near to where I park without spoiling the view of the rose garden. Still, absolutely love my Tesla :-)

China unveils Internet Plus plan for FIRST time (actually third time)

Bertie D'astard

It'll never take off. What you really need to do to boost the economy (as we all know here in North-West England), is ... 'faster trains' .. that'll do it; never mind we can't get 3G or fibre easily in many part of Cheshire ..

And now for someone completely brilliant: Stephen Hawking to join Monty Python on stage

Bertie D'astard

The best ever ventriloquist :-)

Stephen Fry MADNESS: 'New domain names GENERATE NEW IP NUMBERS'

Bertie D'astard

Surely at some point in his life he's heard of "C" names ;-)

UK govt 'tearing up road laws' for Google's self-driving cars: The truth

Bertie D'astard

God help us if Microsoft ever even think of "powering" a self-drive car .. just imagine shuddering to a half down the motorway, ok everyone get out of the car, close the doors, get back in again and let's try again.

They'd have to put "CTRL", "ALT", "DEL" on the three pedals :-)

US bloke raises $250k to build robo-masturbation device

Bertie D'astard

Hardwear that sucks!

Do they have any stats on up times?

It may be a good alternative to fingerprint technology for authentication, you know c(l)ock in c(l)ock out ;-)

Bertie D'astard

Re: Software Defined Wanking

Let's hope it was "hard" coded without any backdoor exploits :-)

Bertie D'astard

Now I've heard it all, Software Defined Wanking!

Teen girl arrested with 70-year-old man's four inch weapon inside her

Bertie D'astard

Or a Sex Pistol?

Elon Musk scrubs lucrative MONEY RING debut again on Thanksgiving

Bertie D'astard

Exactly rocket science then ..

Amazon boss salvages Apollo engines from watery grave

Bertie D'astard

He should be easily able to rebuild them, I mean, it's not exactly Rocket Science is it?

Swedish woman cuffed for sex with skeleton SHOCKER

Bertie D'astard

Bet she gets a right ribbing ..

Steve Jobs biopic

Bertie D'astard

I wonder if they considered Harry Enfield for the Jobs role and Paul Whitehouse for Gates?

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