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Web meltdown: BT feels heat from angry punters


So, the real problem is that we're not at Nuclear War?

Windows desktop VDI


Re: 0Virt, KVM & Spice

RE: Hosted VDI Licensing

Given that Windows 2008 R2 is essentially the same as Windows 7 underneath (To the point of sharing hotfixes and service packs), is it a really big deal? And there are huge advantages to hosted solutions for a charity with no onsite expertise - that's proven by the very virtue that this thread even exists...

Who'll do a Red Hat on open-source storage?

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Re: See the Open Source Definition

No. It would violate one single philosophical definition of the universal term Open Source. I'm pretty certain that opensource.org don't own the term.

If I release the source code of my application along with a license that forbids commercial use it doesn't somehow become closed source, does it?


Re: Yes, package up other people's efforts made for free

Firstly, this has nothing to do with "passing off" - a completely different legal scenario that sees a third party directly pretend that they created something without prior permission.

Secondly, it's almost as though you know absolutely nothing about software licensing - open source, or otherwise. It's entirely possible to release open source software that directly forbids commercial use, and that's fine. It's equally possible to release open source software that allows commercial use - which is where things like this post come in.

So put that knee back down and get a grip.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game review


No Interest

I've actually really enjoyed the whole Call of Duty series, right from the original WWII classic. That said, this whole "future warfare" concept has me completely losing interest. I know realism was never really CoD's strong point, but at least there was a semblance that you were doing something plausible, but now it's just science fiction. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not what the series should be in my opinion.

Volkswagen Beetle car review


Re: Can't drop a 911 lump in

Who is "they"? I'm sure there are Beetles around with 911 engines in*, but I doubt there is many and I doubt there ever was many. That's an absolutely huge undertaking.

The Suburua engines you're thinking of are Flat 4, which is miles apart.

*I say this because, like I said in my previous post, anything is possible. I've even seen a Dodge Viper powered split screen camper van.


Re: Can't drop a 911 lump in

Don't feel bad, you couldn't drop a 911 lump into the original one, either.

(Well, you could, in the same way that you could fit a Spitfire engine to one if you really wanted to and had the time, skills, resources etc.)

BOFH: Can't you just ... NO, I JUST CAN'T

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Not the funniest BOFH, but it's pretty bloody accurate.

Virgin launches TV Anywhere streaming


Was excited...

...now I'm bored. I work away a lot so this seemed like the answer to my prayers.

However, it won't register my laptop (On both IE9 and Chrome - in fact, it warns me Chrome is unsupported), Android isn't ready and besides which I can only register a maximum of 2 devices. I think I can set my fiancée up with her account, but even so, 2 devices per person is just stingy nowadays. We already have 5 regularly used devices between us (Laptop each, phone each and she has an iPad) and I was hoping to treat myself to a tablet at some point.

More VMware secret source splattered across internet


Re: What's their problem anyway?

Food manufacturers don't have to post their recipe - an ingredients list / nutritional breakdown is hardly the same thing. I think there are major issues with software patents and so on, but I don't think a company being able to keep their source code private is one of them. Just because there are Open Source projects, doesn't mean everyone should have to be Open Source.

Sticking with the cooking analogy - lots of chefs release cookery books, and people share recipes online but it doesn't mean I have a right to know the full method / recipe for everything on a restaurant menu.

Texas woman sues cops over burst Bulgarian airbag


Re: 2 claims

"Any armed person who feels the need to use physical force against an unarmed person is not fit to be armed."

I'm no lover of US police and I'm certainly not commenting on this case directly, but this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Just because I have a gun doesn't mean I have to choose between being beaten up by someone with no weapon or shooting them.

Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job


Great Read

Good read and great advice. When I think back to go the good and bad jobs I've had they nearly all ring true. In fact, my current job is the best I've had and the only thing I didn't get was an office tour.

Windows System Center 2012: The review


That's what he means, the extra VM's for a datacenter licensee are free. 8 comes from the required machines for Systems Center. I suppose it could have read "the 8 extra.."

Build a bonkers home cinema


Re: Disc vault?

I doubt it was accidental...

HTC hawks fresh Desire for market boost



Sorry, we're still working on knitted phones

Amazon UK to offer collection service at corner shops


Re: Deliver to office/workplace?

How narrow minded do you have to be to realise that this is an ideal solution for a lot of people - just because it doesn't directly benefit you doesn't mean it's not worth thinking about.

I'm a mobile worker and while, yes, a lot of the time I'm in the office or not away for that long - sometimes I can be away for weeks And if I want something urgently, it's horribly knowing that if the delivery is missed for whatever reason (These things do happen) or I have to leave early, my poor little parcel is sat on my desk for the next 3 weeks.

Same problem for having things delivered to where I'm working. Unless I pay for guaranteed delivery on a certain day, I'm taking the risk that I'm already off-site when it comes.

Job ad seeks 'mediocre' developers


Re: HHHHmmmmmmmm

Wow, I bet you're fun to have around. I spend 8.5 hours a day at work, meaning I spend far more face to face time with colleagues than I do with my family and my best friends. It makes for a far more pleasant time if people get on and enjoy themselves.

Three punters' data use doubles


No surprise here!

At the risk of sounding like a Three ambassador (Which I'm really not), getting their One Plan which allows tethering was the best purchase I've made in a while. I do a lot of travelling around the UK, and therefore find myself sitting around waiting a lot and also in hotels. I rarely bother with hotel Wi-Fi now, and watching iPlayer on the train is just awesome!

Carmageddon coder seeks gamers' cash for revamp

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Now there is a blast from the past - I'm seeing some abandonware in my future.

Virgin Media's latest throttling rules


Congrats VM - that's not even a single HD movie! Having just upgraded to 50Mb to escape the limits I can't say I'm overly amused. That said, I'm getting doubled to 100Mb soon, which should mean my 'capped speed' is 50Mb, so I suppose it's not too bad.

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell

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But I miss the days when this joke would be completely obvious, rather than one you have to check out/ Let's face it, they really would do it if they could.

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