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Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions


Some peeps are just too wierd!

The language is a living, breathing entity. Dictionaries are not written by linguists and frequently have a political slant from the authors.

Admittedly, Standard English ought to be used in professional correspondence and academia. It doesn't matter elsewhere if the meaning of the sentence is clear with no sexual innuendo present where not wholly intended! We can't hold Standard English up to the world like a big stick, when international English users frequently use Business English and even Military English. I've heard the complaints from Chinese teachers saying their child will go back home and fail at school and then life because he picked up a South Yorkshire dialect. We think it's fine, even if they do get points for hitting women in fights down Barnsley.

There are words that have historically changed to the form they are today and we look at them and furrow our brows at the process. Much like our descendants will with what we do with the language. Words are changing gradually though and people aren't going to be happy until a politically biased non-linguist has listed the new spelling in a dictionary. Go, Daleks, Go!

Us linguists will get back to our mutterings about how conversation popped up in peoples heads; and how the feck it came out of their mouths. A few spelling variations isn't a scandal when the rest of education has had its arse ripped out.

London Olympics drives dash for terrestrial HDTV

IT Angle

old buildings

I live in ye olde building (grade 2) No cable allowed. Originally no satellite allowed, but then something changed and we got the okay to fit one to an area on the rear of the building. Sky offered us £100 per flat (12 flats in building) to fit one shared dish and wiring. Then sky went with free installation if 4 flats in the building took sky services. We have a good roof space digital aerial for freeview though.

The fact we can now put a shared dish on the building is good. It gives us options for the future, but we'll have to wait and get together to take advantage of a fitting offer as that initial £1200 fitting fee for our little community seemed a bit excessive.

Ban using mobiles while crossing street, says US legislator

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It makes sense..............

The average person who only ever takes a car driving license once in their life makes mistakes all the time, look at the pileups on the roads. Then they turn round and don't "see" how using a phone and crossing a road can be a problem? I find pedestrians falling into the road everywhere against self preservation, but there is a major problem appearing with mobile phone users who aren't looking around them, seem to find that one fixed head position to actually use their phone in.

Because mobile phone use when walking is so prominent in this day and age, a law has to be put into effect to specifically target them. All pedestrians already have the highway code to constrain them, but they don't follow that as it is. Policemen aren't on every street corner to sort them out. Pedestrians as a whole aren't being socially minded and need to be fined where they haven't got any sense.

I don't want the mental suffering of running down one of them. So we need laws to punish them, to prevent them harming others (and cyclists do get rather hurt when they hit these buggers!)

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

Gates Horns

Vista = Millenium

When will the press and the public stick that so far up M$ backside that they'll stop dribbling crap about turning off support for XP? Gamers have tried Vista and don't like it. It went in the drawer till SP1 and then it got tried again and put back in that drawer.

SOOS! Save our OS.

The Times: PLA war-hackers can switch off US navy


Cylon attacks notwithstanding........

Anyone else think the whole networked military situation was predicted with the second coming of the Cylons and their infiltration of the humans computer systems that had been so universal that one successful attack brought it to its knees?

Okay, on a serious note now, I remember a college visit to a main police station in Northallerton (Yorkshire) where the staff there were in pushing the fact that the countries computer systems were all non-networked incompatible systems which would prevent a single hacker knocking out the whole lot in one go, although necessitated the employment of staff to transfer details manually between forces. This was back in 1988/89.

I've also heard rumours the British Army in some ways welcomes attacks on its defence firewall, just to prove it can withstand the attacks successfully!

Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn


PCWorld staff are offenders here too

Heresee maybe, but I've heard gossip from people about staff working at PCWorld in the UK who have their own external HDD's in the workplace to rip off and collect personal pron of users taking their pc's in to repair. If these are posted on the web then these guys should be prosecuted, pure and simple. Make them criminals! Where does everyone think most of the amateur pron on the web comes from anyway? Of course the majority is stolen (outside of Quantum sites)

I've come across this sort of stuff before when repairing peoples pc's and whilst I might initially giggle, I don't copy the data and give friendly advice about encryption for the future to protect their blushes. Although once, since I took finding what I did so well, I was asked by a user to edit their home movies and burn to dvd's for playback on their homes dvd player. I had to turn them down, citing the fact that constantly running clips over over as part of the editing process into one smooth timeline was liable to harm my own brain irretrievably :)

Ebuyer in hard-drive warranty debacle


They refund postage for everyone surely?

I've bought a fair bit of gear from Ebuyer over the years building machines for people in the home environment since then can generally get twice what they could in a retail shop and their budget meant they couldn't get what they needed the retail way.

When I have had DOA parts like optical drives and HDD's I've posted them back or had Citilink pick them up and after testing the items and deciding I was correct and sending me replacements they have always refunded me any additional postal expenses.

Sure, warranties generally should be held by the point of sale here in England and I dislike the disclaimers on items like DFI motherboards (return to Netherlands yourself!) where for example recently a northbridge fan failed on a DFI mobo, but I just bought an Evercool VC-RE fan to replace it myself as it was easier all round (would have been an upgrade anyhow, reduced noise and temps.) But They clearly state "OEM" and "five year warranty" which means you are getting OEM parts and have a five year warranty with Ebuyer themselves. There is absolutely no problem here really, just a lot of hot air.

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