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Plan ahead to make virtualisation work

Chris Topham

Don't virtualise on the planning

I’ll declare my interest straight away; I work for a small IT firm that helps businesses virtualise their IT infrastructure. The reason for the declaration is that virtualisation is an area that good IT VARs can genuinely help businesses, because they can bring a unique item to the virtualisation party, experience.

Over the 6 years that we’ve been helping businesses virtualise we’ve seen two key reasons why some virtualisation projects fail.

1. Ineffective project planning

Virtualisation is a beautifully disruptive technology. But we’ve seen projects fail because of poor planning. Application availability, CPU usage and storage volumes and media type have been estimated on best endeavours, and have undermined the project.

2. The business case has been sold on cost savings alone

OK so everything at some point has to come down to cost savings. We even have an online virtualisation calculator that helps small businesses identify potential cost savings from virtualisation:


But those cost savings can soon get eaten up by VM sprawl. The biggest benefit of virtualisation is that it helps you build a flexible, agile infrastructure.

Good IT VARs can bring their experience of working with many other businesses to help mitigate project failure.



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