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Top tip: Don't bother with Facebook's two-factor SMS auth – unless you love phone spam

Manny Bianco

Deleted FB, life went on as normal

I deleted my account years ago, and you know what? Life went on as normal. People will text me, or - gods forbid - speak to me if there's an event I need to go to.

Do I get FOMO when I inadvertently don't get invited? No, because I'm a grown up.

FB is nothing more than a means of firing adverts directly into your eyeballs, and it's completely unnecessary.

Hey, you know why it's called the iPhone X? When you see Apple's repair bill, your response will be X-rated

Manny Bianco

Re: what are Android phone owners?

I think you missed the point.

I sell my 3-year-old iPhones for about £300, so that's £699 - £300 = £399 for an iPhone for three years.

How much do you spend on your Android phones? And how much do you get when you sell them?

Manny Bianco

If iPhone owners are sheep, what are Android phone owners?

Android phone owners keep calling iPhone owners "sheep" for buying iPhones, but aren't they just the same? If you will never buy an iPhone, you're just the same as someone who will never buy an Android phone. I'll never buy a BMW, so I must be a non-BMW sheep! Or perhaps I just found a different car that works for me?

Someone a few comments ago said that their Android phone has better specs than the latest iPhone? Okay, tell us which model you have, and we can take a look at the Geekbench results. AFAIK, the Apple A-chips are the fastest around. and they get more done with less RAM (helping battery life). I don't mind if you prove me wrong, because I'm not some weirdo who cares that much.

You guys carry on with your hatred, and I'll carry on buying an iPhone every three years, then selling it on for £300, bringing the cost down.

It works for me, and that's all I care about - I certainly don't care about you.

Totally not-crazy billionaire Elon Musk: All of us – yes, even you – must become cyborgs

Manny Bianco


"...as artificial intelligence systems become more prominent, people will need to compensate for their biological shortcomings by integrating their brains with computers."

Bullshit. I can't even get a hotels website to stop sending me emails recommending I book and go on a trip LAST MONTH, you know, IN THE PAST!

There's no way any AI system is going to be a threat when we can't even get simple stuff right.

Lester Haines: RIP

Manny Bianco

RIP, Lester.

YES, you CAN install paid-for apps on Android Wear – if devs rebuild them

Manny Bianco

Quite an oversight...

I'm not 100% up on the details of this stuff, but are we saying that Google released Android Wear with a bug in it that means paid-for apps cannot be installed on Wear devices? Who the hell tested this? Surely one of the tests is to check that you can install free AND paid-for apps on the device?!

Shoddy, Ted, SHODDY!

First look: iOS 7 for iPad

Manny Bianco

Re: But it doesn't look like they've fixed it...

But there's no real need to have the keyboard showing lowercase characters. The physical keyboard on most desktop computers show uppercase all the time. I understand that because the iPhone keyboard is in software it *could* be changed, but why? You already know that the next letter you press is going to be in uppercase because the Shift button is highlighted. When it's not highlighted, it's obviously not going to be in uppercase.

Putting alternative symbols on the keys would clutter it too much. They are there for when you need them.

I do agree with you about the multiple corrections though.

More Brits ditch Apple tablets for Amazon, Google, Samsung kit

Manny Bianco

"PRECISELY converted"? Well, maybe, but just use something like Handbrake with its presets to convert it for you.

Mozilla to Apple: we don't care about iOS

Manny Bianco

Re: Apps *can* open links in other browsers...

No, not all. Just correcting the story, as it said all email links and apps open in Safari.

My apps can check for the presence of a bunch of browsers, then allow the user to pick their desired browser to open links with. It's a few minutes of coding.

I do agree that Apple should have a default browser switch in the Settings though.

Manny Bianco

Apps *can* open links in other browsers...

"Any link in email or another app therefore opens in Safari, even when Chrome is present."

// Open a link in Chrome, if it's installed

if([[UIApplication sharedApplication] canOpenURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"googlechrome:"]]) {

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"googlechrome://%@", theUrl]]];

} else {

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:theUrl]];


Also, here's a reasonable explanation as to why the Nitro JS engine isn't open to other apps: http://daringfireball.net/2011/03/nitro_ios_43

It's all about the malware.

iOS 6.1 KNACKERED our mobile phone networks, claim Vodafone, Three

Manny Bianco

Well that's handy...

...because Apple have just released an update for iPhone 4S users that *should* fix the issue.


A new Mac Pro coming this spring? 'Mais oui!'

Manny Bianco

Re: Nah.

Can you describe a Dell Optiplex 200? Can you describe it so that I wouldn't mistake it for an HP XXXX100? Thought not. A great many people can recognise the Mac Pro. What Macs "of one form or another" did the company you worked for, use? We use Mac Pros, iMacs, Mac minis, lots of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. They are quite distinct from the usual PC stuff. I can tell you what laptop my web developers use - a MacBook Pro. Can I tell you what laptop my Project Managers use? No. It's possibly a Dell, or an IBM or Lenovo, maybe an HP. Who knows? They all look the same.

So, for the simple reason that the Mac Pro is distinct from all other PC desktops, it is more recognisable.

Samsung: Never mind Steve Jobs, let's snap off a piece of stylus biz

Manny Bianco

Apple didn't include a stylus... but

...they didn't stop you from using one. That's the point.

You can choose to buy the stylus that works best for you, from a large range of third-party suppliers and manufacturers. Everyyone moans at the headphones you get free with an iPhone, and immediately replaces them with 'phones they want to use. It's the same with the stylus. How many people want to pay extra to get a stylus that doesn't suit their need?

Google donates 15,000 Raspberry Pis to UK schools

Manny Bianco

I can't help but think this is being done because people are starting to hate Google. They need to do something to raise their profile and image to the public. This seems to be the latest way of doing that.

Give me the child, and I will take all his personal info and sell him targeted advertising for the rest of his life, etc.

I've got the 'fastest growing THINGY ever', boasts Google+ chief

Manny Bianco

I deleted my Google+

Didn't use it. It's an awful experience.

I use Facebook, but block everything they try and throw at me.

Apple shares take biggest one-day hammering in 4 years

Manny Bianco

Re: Jobs is pointing up/down/sideways/nowhere

Steve Jobs left Jony Ive with more power than anyone else at Apple, for the reason that he has been instrumental in Apple's comeback.

I just got an iPad mini from Apple. The queue for them was massive, and they are constantly running out of stock of all models.

Manny Bianco

Re: Sheen off the Apple?

But they are selling a lot of those products. Who *is* innovating? Samsung throw out a bunch of phones with whatever tech is available at the time, disregarding any idea of standards (wireless charging, NFC, for example).

Google+ exec declares Facebook 'social network of the past'

Manny Bianco
Big Brother

Deleted my Google+ account yesterday

Haven't used it in months.

I'd delete my GMail account, too, but I think I used that address for a competition and I don't want to lose out...

Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace

Manny Bianco


If Apple invented this feature, created it in code, produced a working device showing that invention, and they patented it, then they are allowed to sue others who take that patented invention, implement it in code, and produce a working device showing that invention.

Samsung didn't invent that idea, they stole it. They should have attempted to patent it. A quick patent search might have shown it was already patented.

This doesn't apply only to Apple against Samsung; it applies to Samsung against Apple, too. If you invent it and patent it, you have the rights to it.

Those of you saying Apple are in the wrong for suing others who have taken their ideas, what do you think when the multi-millionaire investors on Dragons' Den ask whether the invention they're presented with has been patented? I guess you're okay with that. I think you're probably okay if this were Samsung suing Apple for the same reason?

Google upgrades Gmail interface, now less 'drafty'

Manny Bianco

This is news?!

The website I test at work has just changed the helpline phone number.

Press releases going out soon!

Hackers deface 'sinful' French Euromillions site

Manny Bianco

Oh you believers...

"Oh you believers. Wine, games of chance, statues all augur impurity and are the work of the devil."

"Believers." I assume, the majority of those using the website are not believers in that particular religion, so the message doesn't apply to them.

These religious nutters always ruin the party for everyone else. They're like the burned crisp at the bottom of the packet.

iPhone 5 'jailbroken' ... before most fanbois even have it

Manny Bianco

Re: what’s the point?

>>> Only just. Once benchmark I found in 2 mins on Google says the iPhone 5 beats the S3 with a score of 1601 vs 1588. WOW!

But as I pointed out, "DUAL-core CPU that beats the QUAD-core in the SIII", so the quad-core CPU in the SIII isn't all that it's cracked up to be. The SIII's chip is better because it's quad-core, right? No.

>>> Well fuck me, the S3 has a wide color gamut, but that's a negative thing now? Only an Apple fanboi could achieve such reality distortion.

Conveniently, you skipped over "which leads to distorted and exaggerated colors", and "lower power efficiency of OLEDs and concerns regarding premature OLED aging". Your 'latest tech' isn't so good after all.

>>> I agree that calibration should be available, but a bit of mucking about might give positive results.

You shouldn't *have* to muck about.

>>> As to brightness, who the hell cares. If the iPhone is really "twice" as bright as the S3, then I suggest it's far too fucking bright and maybe they'd like to rethink their battery conservation strategy.

I care, as does anyone else who wants a bright screen that uses less power than the SIII screen at lower brightness. Don't you get it? A brighter screen using less power? Apple have *already* re-thought their battery conservation strategy.

>>> Well your own figures suggest you paid a 25% premium, what did *your* calculator tell *you*?

Launch price £529 vs. £499. That's £30. It's not 25%. If you're going to compare prices at the current time, then yes there is a premium but the tech in the iPhone 5 is NEWER than that of the SIII (released in May), and clearly better.

Manny Bianco

Re: what’s the point?

"forget the fact you have paid a premium price for slightly behind the latest tech"

Dual core CPU that beats the quad-core in the SIII, 3-core GPU, manually laid out ARM processors (see below), camera that's better than the SIII.

From http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/09/25/teardown_of_apples_a6_processor_finds_1gb_ram_2_cpu_3_gpu_cores

Inside the A6, the most prominent features are the dual ARM cores and the three PowerVR graphics chips. Chipworks found that the ARM processors are laid out manually, which can result in faster processing speeds but is also more expensive and time consuming to develop.

"The manual layout of the ARM processor lends much credence to the rumor that Apple designed a custom processor of the same caliber as the all-new Cortex-A15, and it just might be the only manual layout in a chip to hit the market in several years," iFixit said.


iPhone 5 display vs. Samsung SIII display. From http://www.displaymate.com/Smartphone_ShootOut_2.htm

iPhone 5: It is the Brightest Smartphone we have tested in the Shoot-Out series, it has one of the lowest screen Reflectance values we have ever measured, it has the highest Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light for any Mobile device we have ever tested, and it’s Color Gamut and Factory Calibration are second only to the new iPad.

SIII: The Brightness is about half of the iPhone 5 due to power limits from the lower power efficiency of OLEDs and concerns regarding premature OLED aging. The Color Gamut is not only much larger than the Standard Color Gamut, which leads to distorted and exaggerated colors, but the Color Gamut is quite lopsided, with Green being a lot more saturated than Red or Blue, which adds a Green color caste to many images. Samsung has not bothered to correct or calibrate their display colors to bring them into closer agreement with the Standard sRGB / Rec.709 Color Gamut, so many images appear over saturated and gaudy. Running Time on battery is less than the iPhone 5 due to the lower power efficiency of OLEDs, even given that the Galaxy S III has a much larger battery capacity and much lower Brightness.


Price... iPhone 5 16GB £529. Samsung SIII 16GB £499 at launch, now £422.90 (Amazon).

I really don't think I've paid a premium to get a phone that contains "the latest tech" than the Samsung SIII.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul

Manny Bianco

Re: Oh come on ...

How do you know that for sure? Johnny Ive said recently that they don't design and develop their products for the money.

Samsung were found to have wilfully infringed on a number of patents held (validly) by Apple in the US patent system.

Samsung's lawyers trotted out the same old line about having a monopoly on rectangles with rounded corners, even though they were found NOT to have infringed on it.

Samsung were asked by Apple to license the technology/patents. They refused, and so Apple defended themselves. Samsung would've done the same - and, in fact, did, by claiming that Apple had infringed on some of Samsung's patents.

Apple juggernaut cranks out big, big numbers

Manny Bianco

Re: A question on the subject of pixels

Nice. I'd call them blurxels, though it sounds like the noise made when you accidentally vacuum up some cat vomit.

Amazon names date for Kindle Touch touchdown

Manny Bianco

Fuck the Kindle Touch

Where's the CD I ordered from Amazon last Wednesday on NEXT DAY DELIVERY, eh, Jeff? Where?!

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