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Tickle my balls, stroke my button and blow the fluff from my crack


Sonic the Hedgehog would jump via the Mega Drive's A B or C button, not "X".

Arguably you could have been playing with a six-button pad which was released in late 1993, and did indeed have an X Y and Z button, although the game wouldn't recognise those without a bit of specific tinkering. The only other way would be if you were playing the game through an emulator with the "X" key as your A/B/C input, or the Ultimate Mega Drive Collection on PS3/360, both of which had an X button on their controllers.

Review: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Ultrabook

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Oh, Sony, you big tease: Mystery PlayStation reveal date set


Re: Will buy when

Don't forget Dragon Age III, which was recently announced would be coming to Next-Gen consoles after all.

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction


Re: Thankfully you forgot

I always hated that scene in anotherwise ace movie -- Lex is expositing 1993 technobabble for the audience, and meanwhile her brother is just bouncing up and down like an utter gonk when he should be giving the gun to Alan who can't reach it.

Taito's Double Dragon


Re: good memories

Double Dragon Neon is phenomenally good fun, and is not only a great homage to the original game, but also a great love letter to the 1980s. It also has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a game.


Re: Fantastic game

Yeah, Renegade is classed as it's spiritual predecessor, as Another World was to Flashback, which actually came out a year prior, which itself was a Westernised remake of a Japanese beat 'em up Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun (I think I pronounced that right!). I did have Renegade for the Amstrad, and it was a surprisingly competent conversion (the version of DD I had on the Amstrad was abysmal), and it had a funky 8-bit soundtrack which really did work magic with the Amstrad's sound chip, and the animation was excellent. Ditto Target: Renegade, it's true sequel.


Re: Good game != good film

True, it was no Street Fighter. Van Damme and Kylie FTW!


Yep, that was indeed DD2 -- the three buttons depended on whichever way you faced (which to a lesser extent was the case in DD1 whenever you performed a flying kick), DD3 was rubbish though.

Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service


Re: Storage

Nope you didn't imagine it; PS+'ers now get 1024MB of storage. And not a moment too soon; I just went PS+ mainly for the cloud save feature, and I only just realised that all my Dragon Age saves are massive.

Ten movies inspired by video games


Re: Anything which went 'trio' ?

Indeed it has! Look no further than Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4UdQVYkCZg (home version)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV6TfJ3rvRI (arcade version)

Also, the anime character designs for the first Street Fighter Alpha game was allegedly influenced by the young Ryu/Ken scenes from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie



That's right; I had it on the Amstrad, and I always assumed that getting past Stay Puft was the climactic battle, and then when I played it on my friend's Master System, I was shocked to see that there was still more to do!

And who could forget the classic NES version's "ending sequence":





Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior


Actually (and I apologise in advance for starting with that word), SF2 Turbo on the SNES was based on the third arcade iteration of the game, "Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting".

When Capcom announced that the game was coming to the Mega Drive, it was originally going to be the second iteration, "Champion (not "ship") Edition", but apparently when they learnt that Turbo/Hyper was to be released for the SNES, they quickly went about adding the "Hyper" mode (air Tatsumakis, Chun Li's fireball), and allowing players to switch between both versions, and called the game "Special Champion Edition".

Hands on with Nintendo's Wii U


Who is honestly going to start playing Mass Effect with the final game, though? It was bad enough that they never released ME1 for the PS3, but to only have ME3 for the Wii U? Seems a little desperate.

Head over Heels


Re: Anyone remember "The Pit" in Penitentiary World?

Ah, I'm thinking of a different room then (told you I could be wrong :P)

The room I'm thinking of had a similar vibe; I'm certain you were Heels, because you uncontrollably drop into this small square room, and in it are four stackable boxes and a little circular robot, and to get out you have to stack the four boxes up to escape via two possible exits. As if stacking the boxes alone wasn't enough, the little bugger would often bump into your stack, rupturing all your hard work, and could even go so far as knock them onto his head, so he's wheeling around like an idiot going "gettem off, gettem off!"


Re: Anyone remember "The Pit" in Penitentiary World?

I could be wrong, but weren't you only Heels at that point, so you couldn't even use your donuts against the robotic rapscallion? Worst of all, upon entering the pit, because the robot moved at random, it was quite possible to land on the little git with absolutely no way to controll your fall and avoid him!

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