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Hole-y ship: ISS 'nauts take a wander to crack Soyuz driller whodunnit

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Re: "as much value as a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory"

The rockets won't fire, dear Lisa, dear Lisa.

The rockets won't fire, dear Lisa, won't burn

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Either, or.

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Re: New old song

The epoxy won't harden, dear Lisa, dear Lisa.

The epoxy won't harden, dear Lisa, won't set.

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Re: Bits of foil

The bits floating around have a large surface area to mass ratio, meaning they'll de-orbit very soon. Solar pressure will help to get them clear too.

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The hole is in the orbital section of the craft that is jettisoned before re-entry and burns up in the atmosphere anyway. RTAF.

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Re: When was the hole made?

On orbit there is little animosity between the 'nauts. NASA nauts visit the Russian section, and vice versa. And 2 of those non Russians are hitching a ride back on that very Soyuz so they are surely allowed to go in there.

Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!

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Win10Privacy (Not affiliated) seems to work for me just fine. Haven't encountered any sort of ads on my system whatsoever.

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Throw in monitoring via Smartphones and you've basically tagged every single citizen in the western world with their own personal spy bug already.

IBM is trying to throttle my age-discrimination lawsuit – axed ace cloud salesman

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Re: American companies...

I strongly advice AGAINST wanting to know. Just... Don't. You're better off not knowing.

Poor people should get slower internet speeds, American ISPs tell FCC

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Pai has done everything in his power to remove the FCC from regulatory oversight of ISPs under his notion of "light touch regulation."

And that's working just wonderfully now isn't it...

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Re: What do you expect?

No, he'd not be paying attention and then get very angry because you just called him an imbecile.

Super Micro says audit found no trace of Chinese spy chips on its boards

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Re: Err

Minor nit-pick: Super Micro is an american company that does most of it's manufacturing in China.

Official: Voyager 2 is now an interstellar spacecraft

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Re: Improbability drive

It was very probably they were going to exit the heliosphere. It was slightly less probable we'd have the instrumentation data communicated back to us by the still working probes

The internet is going to hell and its creators want your help fixing it

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"And after all that carnage, the world's leaders came together and decided they had to come up with some kind of document that would help prevent it all from happening again."

War... War never changes.

No document is going to stop the carnage when things kick off again globally or locally. Conflicts bring out the worst in humanity and horrid things will be done. Then we'll eventually come to our senses and say: "Never again".

In 2018, Facebook is the villain and Microsoft the shining light, according to techies

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Re: Legislate, regulate

Sure, give a government organisation full control over what can and cannot be done on the internet. Really great idea! What could Possibly go wrong?!

Waiter, what's this? SpaceX delivery delayed for a day by moldy food

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Re: First stage landing was... damp

maybe they ran into the same problem they had with one of the earlier soft landed boosters where they can't depressurise the tanks properly, preventing them from getting too close.

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Re: First stage landing was... damp

I doubt they'd risk it for a Dragon 2 flight. They're on a time crunch there and I doubt NASA would like them using this booster and risking a failed test (RUDing the booster doesn't give valid results if it happens before MaxQ).

I also have my doubts they'll be able to reuse it in the first place. Musk was very sure of himself when he tweeted, but that's before they've seen the actual booster. That thing toppling into the water like that must have done some damage to the (top) interstage section.

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Re: It's not really about the mice.

Humans are filthy, filthy animals. You don't even need to go to space to know that.

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It's not really about the mice.

The mice probably couldn't give a rats about a little mould on their food bars. The problem is that mould spores get into the air distribution system of the ISS and spread everywhere. It becomes very hard to eliminate mould once it sets in because of the sheer amount of hiding space it has in a system like the ISS.

The old USSR/Russian MIR station suffered from mould problems through the later stages of it's existence. The ISS is dealing with it better because of regular cleaning and a requirement in design that nearly all spaces have to be accessible for said cleaning.

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth

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Why do you think the net was born?

The internet is for porn from the musical Avenue Q says it all.

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Re: Let the Prisoners go Free!

This is the US we're talking about where puritanism still reigns supreme. Female nipples will turn women gay at the slightest glimpse and even the mere hint of an aureole will turn men into depraved sex fiends who spend their days tugging their bit and performing depraved acts with hookers.

OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users

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But somebody saved the cost of the hardware, support and running cost of doing it on-prem. So someone is getting a bonus anyway.

Somehow failures are suddenly acceptable if you can blame an outside company for it. Outsource failure, insource succes...

Boeing 737 pilots battled confused safety system that plunged aircraft to their deaths – black box

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Re: FAA grounding imminent?

" (They've had to do this because it's impossible to give the 737 design longer landing gear)"

Not impossible, just undesirable for the market the 737 operates in and for certification purposes. The advantage of the 737 design (and why it had originally been designed that way) is that the low ground clearance allows easy ground service to almost all relevant parts of the aircraft with easy methods (stepladders and low moveable scaffolds) where competitors require more safety equipment because the worker needs to be higher up. Redesigning the landing gear to put the plane higher off the ground would be easy but would necessitate a huge amount of new equipment be bought by customers all over the world. Customers that might be more likely to go to the competitor in that case.

On top of that the landing gear is a very important bit of the aircraft and so structurally intertwined with the entire design of the main fuselage and inner wing spar section that a change in main gear leg length would necessitate a substantial redesign of the main wing spar, which would then require certification as an entirely new aircraft design instead of being allowed to be certified as a modification of the original 737 type air worthiness certification.

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Re: Really?

Just the presence or the function of MCAS isn't the problem here. It's the combination of a lack of training on the system and the systems response to a AoA failure that is at fault.

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Re: Really?


However, if the pilot isn't aware of MCAS and the way it behaves, and isn't trained on the procedure to prevent this they might not know ANY of those. The situation and system response caused by MCAS is different from the trained "Runaway trim" procedure, as the system still responds (and stops trimming for a short while) when a trim up command is given or the trim wheel is manually moved. Thus I can imagine following the runaway trim procedure isn't the first thing that comes to mind for a pilot when MCAS goes mad.

What a meth: Woman held for 3 months after cops mistake candy floss for hard drugs

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Re: Sensitivity, Specificity and False Positives

This sort of false positive because of blue coloring could easily be avoided with a control test. A second bag of liquid that should NOT color in the presence of methamphetamine, MDMA or Ritalin (plain distilled water?) compare the 2. If both are equal shades of blue it's a negative result (ofcourse the comparison would have to be made side-by-side over the same lightsource, but a somewhat even tempered lightsource should be used to judge these tests to begin with).

I was once one of you, F1 star Lewis Hamilton tells delighted IT bods

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Re: re: why should we give a toss?

The reason for it being girls is simple economics. The viewers are by far predominantly straight males most attracted to pretty women. So putting attractive women around the car is more likely to keep get/keep them watching. Sexist, yeah probably a little bit, but that's the way it's been for all of humanity. I don't get the push to suddenly pretend we males aren't simple creatures when it comes to what we like seeing. Just having some women stand around looking attractive isn't exactly going to do much to harm egality of women.

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Decorative, certainly. Objectifying, possibly. Sexist? Not really all that much. The women get paid for it, they enjoy it (from dozens of interviews when the announcement was made the gridgirls would be getting fired), nobody is forcing them in any way, why should we give a toss?

Doctors join wombats in sh!tting bricks to help parents relax about kids chowing down on Lego

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Re: Er,

Yes, but not by enough to matter THAT much when passing something like a Lego figure head. (And generally, if they can swallow it whole, it'll pass through)

AI snaps business titan jaywalking

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Re: And my friends and family are wondering...

But still, no need to provide the computers with conveniently tagged training data.

NASA has Mars InSight as latest lander due to arrive today

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Re: "On the ground"??

What AbelSoul says.

It's the mass after the heat shield, parachutes, landing rocket propellant and all other gubbins have been discarded. And it reaches that mass pretty much exactly by the time it touches down.

1,700 lucky Brit kids to visit Apple Stores for 'Year of Engineering'

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Re: Engineering?

Again, that's technicians you're talking about. Real engineers don't do spare parts fitting. (Unless possibly it involves complicated one offs that require in field tweaking and redesign)

3 is the magic number (of bits): Flip 'em at once and your ECC protection can be Rowhammer'd

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What? No Monty Python and the holy grail references?

I am disappointed El Reg. Deeply dissappointed.

Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached,thy shalt flip the bits of thyne foe, , who, being naught in My sight, shall offer thee all in his land.

Big data at sea: How the Royal Navy charts the world's oceans

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Re: Optimistic

Twice as large as it needs to be

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Wait, wut?

You mean you actually watch that crap? There is nothing there. There was never anything there. It's just an endless stream of "ooohhh, what a mysterie! What will they find next?"

Behold, the world's most popular programming language – and it is...wait, er, YAML?!?

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YAML aint markup language

YAML ain't markup language ain't markup language

YAML ain't markup language ain't markup language ain't markup language

YAML ain't markup language ain't markup language ain't markup language ain't markup language

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It's just turtles all the way down..

Whomever came up with this recursive acronym deserves a swift kick to the family jewels.

Well that's just spliffing: UK Amazon merchants peddling Mary Jane

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CBD is a little different from full on dried marijuana flowers. And I think it depends on the concentration whether it's legal or not

iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!

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the XS and XS Max (be sure to call them "Ten S" or an Apple representative will sidle up and correct you)

Thats the Extra Small and the Extra Small Max. I don't care what apple tries to say.

Hands up who isn't p!*$ed off about Amazon's new HQ in New York and Virginia?

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Re: about time

This just doesn't work. Not everybody is suitable for political work. Not all stuff politicians do and speak about can be public knowledge. Some of it is indeed privacy sensitive and needs to be kept secret. And you'd better pay the same or more as what they are currently making or some people will refuse. Threatening with jail time is not going to work either because no-one is going to a good job on a job they are forced to do. So everything gets half-arsed and "good enough"-ed. Which is a good way to even more mediocrity than we get now.

That Old Time 2018 IT songbook: Verity, Verity - give us your lyrics, do! We're half crazy, all for the love of you

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Re: Modem song. :-)

In that second case it'd be the builders paying, not you. Like hell I'd let them get away with a fuck-up like that.

Want to hack a hole-in-the-wall cash machine for free dosh? It's as easy as Windows XP

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The ones not built into a wall are usually bolted to the floor. When it comes to access to compromise a machine I think the wall mounted units are actually more vulnerable as they usually have an enclosed backroom for access while filling the machine. The front is usually entirely sealed, but that backroom can be accessed by bribing the right sales clerk or shop owner, who probably also has access to the video recording equipment to accidentally switch it off or spill some coffee a day ahead of the attack. And once the attacker is in the backroom he is out of view and can do his nefarious deeds undisturbed. Hanging around in public is usually more visible. Though the blatant "put on a polo shirt with the banks logo, walk in and put up some barriers, open the machine and get to work" approach will probably also work. People are surprisingly unquestioning if you wear a correct looking outfit and act like what you are doing is completely normal.

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges

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Re: Fractured

There's a similar statistic for almost anything you'll find. Even cars. Some people collect guns. So a person has managed to collect (amongst others) a Mauser pistol of every type ever made, or every known variant of the Luger. Or every full size cartridge service rifle the French military ever adopted. Or a whole slew of antique muzzle loading firearms. That's just 4 examples of collections I know exist. And that's just 4 people with over 30 different firearms each. All of them capable of being fired, none of them actually ever likely to be used because the (historic) value of the arms in question far exceeds their practicality, usability as a firearm and the risk of loss in value if it gets damaged doing so. Collectors of anything tend to skew the average a little. We don't all own 30 cars. But if we look at a 1000 random people and Jay Leno happens to be in the group, you might just come to that conclusion.

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Re: Hollywood bollocks

@A.P. Veening, NO, Dutch police are NOT trained to shoot at the legs. If the decision is made to shoot it is up to the discretion of the officer to attempt to incapacitate, but it is NOT specifically practiced and it is NOT policy. If a police officer decides to use a deadly weapon it's usually with the full intend to remove an immediate and deadly threat. And doing that requires deadly force. The difference is that in the Netherlands (and most of the rest of the world) officers are trained to shoot once or twice and assess the effect. Not for everyone present to unload their weapon into the person. Being shot once or twice (even in the torso) can be quite survivable if first aid is started immediately (also a standard in the Netherlands). In the US the standard seems to be for the victim of a police shooting to have atleast 6 to 8 rounds in them and for them to then be handcuffed, manhandled and left to bleed and choke to death while the police officers stand around. I doubt many of them are even trained in first aid. (Again, a standard in most of the civilized world)

Ethernet patent inventor given permission to question validity of his own patent

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Re: Duty to disclose

Probably at some point thought up by a large company to prevent employees with a grudge from making their life difficult.

Edit: reading the wiki page it seems it also prevents someone from later infringing their own patent after they've sold it because they found an "insider" way that makes it invalid.

So say, Tom sells a patent to Jerry. Tom then later brings out a product that infringes that patent and gets sued by Jerry for said infringement of the patent Jerry now legally owns. Tom is now not allowed to claim invalidity of the patent because he's the one who invented it and if he knows about something that makes it invalid he should have disclosed such to Jerry before the sale. It's to prevent "have your cake and eat it too" scenarios.

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Re: Engineers are put in a difficult position

It might sometimes be better NOT to get your name on a patent. Yes, it'll give you some "bragging rights" when seeking new employment, but they can also come to bite you in the ass if you choose to go the self-employment/own company route.

Another 3D printer? Oh, stop it, you're killing us. Perhaps literally: Fears over ultrafine dust

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Re: Toner dust?

Meh, sounds like leaving you around a 3d printer is a problem that will solve itself quickly enough

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses

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Re: Say what you like about Teslas

Must not have encountered one in the right circumstances then. Because I've seen one try to take out 2 bikers at once recently. Was hard to tell if it was using autopilot but the driver was clearly more concerned with his phone than driving the car.

Between you, me and that dodgy-looking USB: A little bit of paranoia never hurt anyone

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Promptly and "in good faith" report the email as attempted phishing to your corporate GDPR/data security officer. Have your coworkers do the same. Someone will get a/the message when the poor guy goes ballistic.

Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME

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Re: Few comments

But that's ok, as it's never going to float again anyway. Might as well stop calling it a flag-ship. More of a very elaborate flagpole at this point.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year

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Re: £899 - Ouch


You should worry about the X, not the 6 in your IP rating. The first digit stands for the intrusion protection, with 1 offering no protection 2 basically protecting against sticking your hand in Through 7 protecting from all dust. (6 is protection from any dust which may harm the device). The second digit indicates the moisture protection. In your case you'd want something atleast rated IPX7 rated, more likely an IPX8. (water jets, and immersion respectively)

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