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Flying Spaghetti Monster is not God, rules mortal judge


Unbelievable. The judge is strongly biased and ruled in haste. His reasoning is based entirely on what is known as Bandwagon Fallacy, where something is justified only if enough people believe it.

Every religion started small and took time to develop into what we see today. Some religions made it, some did not. Some were also banned. But that was when impalement, pederasty and human sacrifice were the norm.

Besides, none of the currently recognized religions were ever proven to be true, so judge John M. Gerrard's ruling sounds incredibly arrogant and hypocritical. On what authority can he rule what belief can or cannot become a religion? Are we in 21st century BC? Is he also going to rule on which religion is true? Because personally, I'd take the spaghetti monster as an alternative to the selective and vengeful God of the old testament any day.

Ketchup be with youse and may youse be blessed with parmezan too on the 7th day of the 7th month every 7 years and remember it every Sabbath, unless the day is Sabbath, in which case you get to pray for an additional virgin after death.

I mean this makes much more sense than anything I've heard from the established religious authorities to date.

Big Brother is born. And we find out 15 years too late to stop him


Re: modulated outrage...

"Saturated" is putting it very mildly. Just like 99% of regular people, you've become demoralized, submissive to authority and lazy. Lazy in the sense of being too comfy to do anything about the obviously and rapidly deteriorating situation with democracy and basic human rights.

Surveilance is essential for the success of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. See Wikipedia and read Praktischer Idealismus (1925) if you can. You better believe it. The UK is in the final stages. Look at Birmingham, Manchester, London and look up Cameron's "my rabbi" speech.

This is, of course, how evolution works. Those who cannot recognize danger end up dead or as slaves; and those who want to rule will do anything and everything to achieve their goal. Literally anything and everything, forget about what your morals tell you.

Why do polititians nothing to stop it? Three reasons.

1 - They don't know or don't believe it

2 - They are too dependant on the architects or scared of them

3 - They're too interrested in profiteering from the results.

Either way, unless we do something fast, we'll experience the distopian future of George Orwell's 1984 first hand.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


Re: If only

If only people could tell the difference between objective and subjective, if only they could put asside their differences, if only they stopped looking for ways to exploit each other, if only they could kick addictions of all sorts, then maybe, JUST maybe, that would be a good time for the IT industry to develop the kind of OS you're dreaming of. But in the current global social climate, such a OS would simply be a sign of absolute and despotic rule of a bunch of psychopaths over the World.


Re: If only

@ ITS Retired

I see that as a lack of vision on your part. One day we may re-think the function and design of all hardware and the only "tuning" would consist of you accessing the UI of any computer-powered device the way you like it best. That way two people working on the same device may be looking at or feeling a different UI, yet utilize its functions in exactly the same way. A home "desktop" computer may then be equipped with the same hardware your smart fridge is.


Still not worth abandoning Win7 if you ask me

Did all UI designers become retarded? How do you justify 5% content in 95% empty space? A tiny app icon inside a 50+times larger box? Or a reterd font size to optically fill what would otherwise be empty space? This bloated modern UI wave is the IT shoulder-pads of this decade. Irritating, purposelss and a waste of space.

I believe it to be harmful to brain development too. First all IT went flat and then empry. There is no natural place that contains so little information in so much space, proportionally speaking. Using such UI over prolonged periods of time must have some negative effects on the perception of detail and on every cognitive process that depends on it. Don't let your kids near that crap!

Feds dig up law from 1789 to demand Apple, Google decrypt smartphones, slabs


Re: Let's make more fun of it, it's just our lives at stake

When you start by saying "According to..." you're instantly giving the substance of the message a magical quality, almost like it's now set in stone. Orwell wasn't a fortune teller. What he was thinking many others were thinking too and still are thinking. We need to stop celebrating people who said or did stuff and start to act on what is real now. Otherwise, the dystopia will really happen. We can stop it.

Every unjust rule creates opposition and sooner or later there will be a clash. So too, the psycho-elite rule period will end. I just wonder why do we have to go through such a period at all. All we need to do is excersize self-discipline, stop responding to propaganda, stop celebrating authority and organize our efforts for change. Not rely on politicians and banksters to make things right. It's so easy, if only 80% of regular people weren't hopeless idiots that can be distracted by flickering light.


Re: Let's make more fun of it, it's just our lives at stake

No, it won't come when the state ignores the law. The state, and whoever runs it, will make it seem like it is acting within the law and in our best interest. THEY aren't just petty criminals, you know. They are the lawmakers and sponsors of the law, hell, they're the sponsors of the system. They all have high education, especially in REAL history, and are hell-bent on "fixing" us with a stick wrapped in double-speak and constitution paper. We won't realize what's happening, because we are constantly being misinformed, lied to and scared to lose whatever we think we still have to lose, though it's not much at this point in the game.

Astonishingly, people still refuse to believe that the super-rich all-powerful snobs can and do sit down, plot a plan for the entire World and then execute it with the determination of certifiable psychopaths. They aren't making the headlines, or the cover of Forbes, because they neither need or want to be known. And people keep acting like there's never been an attempt at World domination based on some privilege (religious, material or biological) in the past and like there was no way of it happening now or ever. We should be discussing that, not phone decryption, which is just another small step towards the World rule of elite psychopaths who imagine the only way to make us, lesser humans, to act "reasonably" is to put us on a leash and control every aspect of our existence.


Let's make more fun of it, it's just our lives at stake

I wonder what would be the tell tale signs of a dystopian time to come. Would we be able to tell if the government were depriving us of our rights and freedom? How do we imagine it to happen? Would the president address the nation and say "This is it", or would there be strange legislation passed over time to eventually make freedom and privacy illegal?


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