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The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

Gleeb Freenman

If I am ever up infront of a firing squad this would be my last meal

1 fried egg soft yoke.

2 rashers of bacon with rind

2 sausages (chipolatas or normal sausages)

1 slice fried bread (dipped in oil then grilled not the deep fried death of a slice)

2 hash browns

1 half of a grilled tomato (going easy on the fruit and veg as don't want to over do it)

1 slice black pudding

2 kidneys

Mushrooms fried in butter (none of those stewed ones)

Small dollop of baked beans.

Kipper on top

Side of 2 X white toast , butter , then jam or marmalade or marmite.

1 medium glass of fruit juice to help break down the grease (orange / grapefruit / pineapple)

1 pot of coffee or team.

Xbox 360 video cable boasts NOISE VIRUS protection

Gleeb Freenman

Ah now any one remember Frak! on the BBC Model B. If you edited the load file it had a data string at the end all rem'd out that played the music to captain pugwash if you un rem'd it.

Ah happy days

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