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Huawei's 5G security scrutiny pain could be Cisco's gain – analysts


Who spies? You spies..

So ... we are apparently terrified that the Chinese Communist Party could possibly potentially maybe compel Huawei to do something bad.

So Cisco can come in and sweep up.

Yet NSA have already been found tampering with Cisco and Juniper firmware ( google "Photos of an NSA “upgrade” factory show Cisco router getting implant " )

So the question becomes, who are you comfortable being spied on by ?

The US or China ?

Bordeaux-no! Wine guzzling at UK.gov events rises 20%


I hope they don't ever show Juncker around. Also why the hell are we paying for civil servants to get plastered on super expensive plonk? You can bet they aren't drinking tesco £5 bottles.

Technical foul: Amazon suffers data snafu days before Black Friday, emails world+dog


Got one this morning. Asked amazon to clarify when it was leaked, and how many people saw it etc etc.... no reply.

OpenStack 2018: Mark Shuttleworth chats to The Reg about 10-year support plans, Linus Torvalds and Russian rockets


Like Ubuntu?

No. Not any more. Since they're trying to change everything and set standards nobody wants.

It used to be great, now it's become Shuttleworth's private tool to change everything to his incompatible vision. No thanks, swappped to Mint. No stupid netplan rubbish, no snap rubbish...

SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...


Re: Trump has become more deranged

muricans. they keep exporting their insanity over here too.

You'll never guess what you can do once you steal a laptop, reflash the BIOS, and reboot it


Re: Trump has become more deranged

very old. you even acknowledge it's old news... so why print it again?

No fandango for you: EU boots UK off Galileo satellite project


Own satellite system now. If the concern is military use ... do you really want the EU calling the shots in a a time of crisis ?

The EU will be harder hit than the UK since we made 90% of the hardware and software. We can get other customers and we can build our own. Or is thereg also doing an indy/telegraph where all brexit is bad innit and we have to point out every thing not in our favour. This is an opportunity for us to build our own system who we don't need to ask permission to use and we know 100% that we will be in charge of it if the shit hits the fan.

Who had ICANN suing a German registrar over GDPR and Whois? Congrats, it's happening


Decentralised DNS NOW!!

This is why we need decentralised DNS Instead of letting the yanks impose their rules & regulations on an international network.... Put an end to US supremacy of the internet. It's not up to them to tell the world how to do business.

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine



If you add two baked bean tins at either end it will increase the SNR and give more megabits...

Man prosecuted for posting a picture of his hobby on Facebook


Hah. I have a picture of me holding a Glock G17 and firing it on a range.

I also have a picture and video of me shooting my 12 gauge shotgun.

Never had any issue and not sure what law this violates either.

It certainly is not against facebook policy...

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors


How is this going to work with the likes of Apple who say no to their law enforcement agencies who ask them to break/weaken their encryption?

How will the UK government get people like apple/whatsapp to weaken their software or provide backdoors. I realise they could say you can't sell your products in the UK if you don't do this... but how can you stop someone who already has an iPhone or whatapp installed? I don't think these companies are going to bend over backwards just because the UK government says they have to weaken their stuff... I can't see it happening.

I can see shitty ISPs not having any trouble with it and handing over your data willy nilly... but how is say Virgin Media going to hand over unencrypted whatsapp traffic?

Trump signs 'no privacy for non-Americans' order – what does that mean for rest of us?


Re: Yet ANOTHER Trump story?

You think you had it to begin with ?


Re: Trump has become more deranged

Start digging...

But don't put the door against the wall and bags at the end... that's just silly...

Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you


Uses mobile phone in 2016

Complains about privacy


Russian spy aircraft are flying over Britain – and the MoD's cool with it


Re: Are flights necessary?

Eh the "secret" nuclear bunker is privately owned museum for the public... there's absolutely nothing secret about it. Just in case someone thinks it's really a secret.

Of course overflights are pointless.... everything of interest is either in a hanger or it's underground. The only thing they can see with overflights is building sites of interest and troop/weapon movements.

UK superfast broadband? Not in my backyard – MP


The problem here is what do you consider to be superfast and what do you consider to be fibre.

I would say FTTC and VDSL to your house is NOT fibre. Neither is DOCSIS over Coaxial cable, but yet Virgin Media still get to call it fibre.

In the UK "Fibre" broadband is a joke. In other countries like Sweden, Finland, even Romania then fibre is fibre. It's not a euphemism for slightly-faster-than-adsl style broadband. The sooner the government actually bothers to invest in a national fibre network the better but it wont happen because they expect companies to pay for it. But what company is going to network up the UK when nobody wants to take the service and those that do are so few and far between that it makes no economical sense to wire them up. What is needed is a national program to wire everyone up, not stopgap solutions that will only last a few years but a proper rollout.

And speaking of the new builds, we almost bought one last year but the lack of broadband was a dealbreaker for me as I work from home about 60% of the time and even have two connections to ensure I can stay online. One developer told me they team up with Sky to offer TV and phone and the likes of Virgin Media are not allowed in to cable up the street for several years. This needs to end, you cannot have a new build where the only choice is Sky the government needs to step in again and end the monopoly. Don't we have a minister responsible for broadband? What do they do all day long ?!??

MANIC MINERS: Ten Bitcoin generating machines


Sad but not a single one of these machines will give you ROI. They will all become useless bricks as a few months after you buy your 1TH miner, theres a 2TH and when you buy 2 theres 3.

I've been mining for 6 months and made about $50 worth of bitcoin with ASICMiner Blockerrupters which are now more or less worthless and cost me £150 when new. Then I got a litecoin mining rig and was earning £25 a day back in November... flash forward only 2 months and I'm earning about £9 with a £1500 mining rig, the only benefit of which is that I'll be able to play games on it when it stops being profitable.

The difficulty and the number of miners joining the networks is making it impossible for anyone but the bigboys to play this game. If you sink just a few grand into this, you will have lost it in a few months. It's an all or nothing game now. You either hit it with a big hash-rate, or you throw your money away.

.As soon as scrypt mining ASICs come out, all of us with big powerful graphics card mining rigs will be screwed. The best we can hope for is to mine the most profitable altcoin de jour (which changes probably every 10 mintues) and convert that to BTC. There are many profit switching pools that will do that automatically and some will even convert and pay you in BTC.

MI5 test for Mandarin-speaking snoops 'just too easy'


Gonna stick to the Ireland story all the time are we in defence of the cambridge squad?

bombs going off in Ireland or being prevented from going off happen on an almost daily basis so is it amazing they found one ?! no, not in the slightest, it was probably just luck of the draw. Gotta catch one sometime.

Shall we talk about the many, many times they didn't stop acts of terrorism. They were practically useless against the IRA. And I think getting muslims in court and to say they plotted terror isn't exactly heroic either. I'd wager a great many of them might be extremists who like to talk a bit of crap too but then get stuck with the terrorist label. And you think they did anything but rely on intelligence from Menwith hill ? You think they did any actual work ?

"They weren't uniformed" - Actually. They were. Review the tapes. Its public record. Guy comes out holding his H&K MP5 after murdering the guy.. wearing a big shirt saying ... POLICE.

Why don't you have a look what your beloved security service did in Iran to mossadeq eh since you're so proud of them. I'm done arguing with you, since you're too high up on your horse to admit when you're wrong and keep spouting the same crap about one story, which was most likely PSNI and not the security services.


@Psyx So because we haven't "been bombed" that means they are effective? Thats specious reasoning.

I haven't been struck by lightning either, so god must be protecting me... and i'm sure that we will get bombed again, next time someone needs some new laws enacting.,

You think because someone was wearing a police uniform that they were not SIS/MI5 ?

Do you think they walk around wearing t-shirts saying "Security Service". Be realistic.

And during the entire London bombings and aftermath, where was the security service then? Why was there no warning? Or perhaps there was, but we just got told to keep calm and carry on right ?

You think MI5 did not pass dodgy information to people like the police ? If you think the police are the only people involved in anti-terrorism then you have no idea how it works. Clearly, you are the one who has no clue sir, you believe what the media tells you... which makes you not the sharpest tool in the box.


What did you expect from the least secret, least effective security service in the world.

Look brazillian plumber, or just random geezah shoooot him and lie about it afterwards!!!

Ex-Soviet space gunboats to be FOUND ON MOON


Is this a joke?

Telegraph reports that "The company has acquired a fleet of former Soviet shuttles"

Er I call BS since there were a very, very small number of Buran shuttles and they have ALL been destroyed apart from a model which sits in Gorky Park and is going nowhere soon. I call BS on this entire article, despite the fact that its a British company (and therefore hasn't got any money) the article makes no sense for a start-up company to suddenly "acquire" a bunch of old soviet hardware.

You should have printed this one back in April.

GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe


Poor service, worse customer service

Firstly, its impossible to contact giffgaff and that's just how they like it.

Secondly, where are the batteries / UPS / Generators? How can a power cut take out a telco?


Then, I made a complaint ,asking about generators and batteriesl.... and giffgaff REMOVED IT.

They don't like bad press.

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