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Crafty Fokker: Norfolk surgeon builds Red Baron triplane replica


Imagine the fun

Can we hire him to circle around UKIP, EDL, Britain First rallies, for the LOLs?

President Trump tweets from insecure Android, security boffins roll eyes


Re: hang on...

"Yes, it's a bit strange he's not using a gold-plated iPhone with a rococo cover with rubies, sapphires and and diamonds - maybe just because he couldn't hire Fabergé to make one..."

Putin has probably sent one Trump as an inauguration present.

UK.gov holds summit to stop satnav-driven smash-ups


"Last month, Confused.com said that satnavs had caused more than £203m worth of damage to drivers on UK roads in the last year, with 83 per cent of 2,000 survey respondents admitting to the site that they'd been misled by their soothingly voiced machines."

No, drivers blindly following their satnavs rather than using their eyes caused more than £203m worth of damage.

Why is it that drivers are never blamed when something goes wrong? The driver operates the vehicle, and is therefore the responsible party.

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