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Desaia Beat Box Bluetooth speaker


Re: Ummm.... Details?

Having seen ones in my friend's dorm room at university, I ended up buying one off amazon a few days ago - and haven't looked back since. I was initially going to go for the WoweeOne having read reviews, etc - but i was told (and agree with) the bass on the Beat Box is the best on the market for it's size.

Not only does it have excellent bass, but as a student I've saved having to buy an iPod dock or a 2.1 laptop speaker set.

@JS Greenwood:

I didn't get any carry case/cloth with it - but doubt i will need to worry as it is wipeable and doesn't scratch easily.

No removable battery unit - all built in just like an iPhone- plug it into a usb plug and you're good to go after an hour or so.

The line - in cable works with virtually anything with a headphone port. Tested with: iPod, TV, Dell Inspiron Laptop and even an old school radio.

Let me make it clear, I'm no gadget expert - but I know my music, and this speaker brings out the best sound quality and bass in my playlist. So all in all I'm a happy customer, and would recommend this to anyone considering a new speaker system.



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