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NZ erupts over Dotcom corruption accusations


The scandal is not that ACT accepted money from Kim Dotcom, but that John Banks (ACT's single MP) is alleged to have requested the donation be split to make it easier for them to claim it was made anonymously - a clear breach of the electoral law and an imprisonable offence.


Apple to Google Maps: ‘Get lost’



It's really odd you missed that Apple is contravening OSM's attribution requirements - basically the data is being used illegally as it stands. From the blog post:

> "It’s also missing the necessary credit to OpenStreetMap’s contributors; we look forward to working with Apple to get that on there."


Virtual Australia & New Zealand Initiative launches


Ug - this sounds like the PSMA/SIBA/VicGov "Spatial Marketplace" for 3D.

> "But VANZI won't host that database or provide an online service to access 3D models. Instead, the organisation is working on legal and technology frameworks to allow the sharing of 3D data and foresees a role for itself analogous to the bodies that facilitate transactions between banks so that creators of 3D data can share it among trusted and authorised partners."

It's hard to see what value is being added here. It sounds like VANZI wants insert itself as the middle-man and clip the ticket on the way through, but they'd do well to learn from the GIS world where simply acting as a portal or catalogue doesn't gain traction with potential suppliers or users.

You have to provide real value. Without hosting data or providing online services, what are you doing, exactly? Playing a confidence game with suppliers and users - which is a tenuous position at best.

I also see the use cases as very optimistic. From an engineering consultancy background - I can tell you that no consultant or contractor in their right mind is going to trust data that is not supplied under contract from the client or sub consultant, or created themselves. The legal ramifications and liability issues are virtually intractable for any serious industry usage. That leaves local and federal govt who can establish suitable frameworks (and don't really need to pay for the privilege) and casual users, (for whom the skills and software to use the data simply dosn't exist).



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