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RIM 'pondering sell-off of hardware biz' to focus on messaging


Million dollar BBusiness idea.

Here you go RIM, no charge from me:

1. Sell your hardware biz to whoever will buy it, you might have some worthwhile patents for Google/Apple to snap up, and you've always made the best 'phone qwerty keyboards.

2. Lease your BBM software to all platforms. They'll snap it up. If BBM was ubiquitous, available through web browsers, Android, fruit based electronics, etc., yet retaining similar levels of security / centralised enterprise control, it would be a game changer.

3. Profit.


It never ends: TV exposé tags new Android privacy howler


On Android - Check your market settings

In the Android Market (Gingerbread+) within the settings menu there is a checkbox:

"Google AdMob Ads - Personalise ads based on my interests"

Not that it will necessarily help anything, but why not disable it? Can't do any harm!

Then root your phone and install Ad-Free, hosts-file based ad-blocking.

Problem solved(ish)?



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